The Chicago Bulls Season Is OVER! | Bulls Will Draft 7th For The 4th YEAR! | NBA Mock Drafts & More!

The Chicago Bulls Season Is OVER! | Bulls Will Draft 7th For The 4th YEAR! | NBA Mock Drafts & More!


  1. We desperately need top 3. And need to follow Danny Ainge's philosophy and collect some picks and use them wisely instead of throwing them away in trades or weak draft picks

  2. The Bulls were NEVER going to make the playoffs even with this new playoffs format. Some fans actually thought that and that's really baffling. With the injuries and this incompetent head coach running the plays and formations, they have no business being here. I expect Boylen to be gone.

  3. Lol nobody wanted to see the bulls Iol good firing garpax NBA did bulls dirty with the 7th pick in the row with NBA

  4. as for the draft, I am not sure if this 7th pick is so important for the future of this chicago bulls team. I rather think, they need some veteran presence, preferably a potential allstar. However, the bulls should draft a real center or a 3-and-d player. A tall small forward doesn't sound too bad in my ears…
    As for Wendell, he pointed out himself that he wishes to play the 4, not the 5. Is there a chance that Lauri and Wendell could build a power forward tandem or something?

  5. We need to draft a DEFENSIVE WING. Coby white and Lavine are scorers . Btw can we just fire boylen now . Kinda sad we can’t even make it as a top 22 team .Hopefully This is a wake up call

  6. I want to trade the pick, Thad, and Chandler for MPJ if the Nuggets think it’s enough for him. If we don’t trade the pick, I want Okoro.

  7. Drafts mean nothing if you have an organization that doesn’t know how to develop players. The Bulls have a few good prospects, but everyone has digressed. We need a new coach and new trainers. And WTF is up with our medical staff? How do we average more injuries than wins? 🤨.

  8. I say trade felico and get Rose back grab toppin in the draft keep valentine trade away some of our guards and try to get Tony Snell or Taj Gibson back

  9. I hope the Bulls draft the Auburn SF Isaac Okoro, really good defender with great potential. Either him or the first player you mentioned.

  10. Man I have no clue how you have a channel. You don’t sound like you know ANYTHING about basketball or the league. I hear more knowledgeable takes from drunk fans at bars. Call yourself InsideChicagoBulls. What the fuck internet?

  11. How you can tell if Bulls will draft with 7th? we need to wait for the lottery to be sure or im missing something here?

  12. I dont know how to spell the USC guys name but he is a Center/Power Forward but he is nice tho💯Toppin or Okoro is the best option to me but Toppin is listed as a PF/C too. I dont know why people think we need guards our roster is already filled with guards and Two of them that shows so much potential (Zach and Coby) Drafting another guard would just slow down Cobys development

  13. Hopefully they can move up to #1 or #2 get a sf or center trade one of Lauri or Carter let the one who stays play the 4 since they both wanna play 4.

  14. I want Toppin, but I think we'll need some luck to get up into his range unless we make a deal with someone to trade up.

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