1. Yo what u think about a Cody white and Westbrook backcourt what would the bulls after to give us to get him Ik Zach and sum draft picks won’t get it done

  2. Idgaf idgaf coby is a fuckin beast i can see it brah the way he plays like he's already a star and gafford OMG i told yall to be on the look out he better than BP imo he runs the floor like giannas

  3. Daniel is Legit!! He will struggle a it at first,but he is going to be a frecking beast!!

    I think in 2-3 years he will probably take that starting job from wcj.

  4. A guy like Gafford will always have a place in the league when you play that hard and can run the floor. This team still can grow and get better but the sky is the limit for these young Chicago Bulls.

  5. I’m not putting to much into one game I liked some things I didn’t like some things from Coby white Gafford a dog been watching him nothing new to me if he had a mid range and a 3 ball that starting job would be his

  6. Yea, like u said Coby had some dimes, dudes weren’t finishing or weren’t catching the ball…

    He did have some stupid decisions though were he tried to force it too many times.

  7. Yes, bruv. I agree with those grades.
    Coby: B-
    Yes, made correct passes, but his turnover passes are inexcusable. Some passes look soft and predictable. Not a good 3-point shooting night, but nice mid-range. He can create his own shot and his height helped against his smaller guard match up. Final note: he needs to slow down in some plays.
    Gafford: A
    All i gotta say is DG looks like a steal! Plays with energy, plays both floors, and anchored the defense. A lot of potential to unlock, but I wouldn't mind if he extended his range to a solid mid-range shooter for now.

  8. D. Rose first summer league game i think he scored like 10 points.. Coby White played pretty solid in the summer league with 17 points and i think once he gets comfortable or use to the league he'll be scoring alot more points.. Shaq Harrison & Walt Lemon scored pretty decent.. I really don't expect much from them since they are already in the league, but still they played pretty good.. Hutchinson was okay.. I think he needs to work on his 3 point shot and play more aggressive.. Justin Simon did his thing somewhat, i think he'll be an asset on the team.. Adam Mokoka impressed me the most being that i heard he wasn't that good, but F that i think he'll definitely be valuable on the team.. And Daniel G will definitely be a superstar C on the Bulls for sure.. And thats not even the whole roster lol.. Can't wait to see what the rest of the newer players will bring to the court.. That was a good blowout for a first game.. Seems like we will be pretty good both offensively and defensively….

  9. mokoka is really impressive, showed how great of a defender he is and pushed the pace a lot, gets rebounds, good passer and good slasher and is athletic. needs to work on his offensive game but his jump shot is not bad. is this the next jimmy without the baggage?

  10. coby went 6-18 from the field not good. I know it's one game but he looks like a sg instead of a pg he wants to score first and pass second, if coby starts him and Zach will bump heads and lauri and Wendell might aswell wait for rebounds

  11. Thanking God 🙏🏾 I got my Monetization back ya'll. If I become bigger on here expect many giveaways! Hoping I’ll be up there soon.

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