1. Coby white is already slightly better than Kris Dunn and it will be obvious when his shooting game finds some form. He is too quick for Dunn and his potential is way higher.

  2. Pretty good game I think this season will be the bulls trying to find their offensive identity as they haven't played together as much boylen running some different lineups didnt like watching Dunn or sato bring in white to play if him and gafford look deadly look for Wendell also lavine and Laurie looked great so pretty good signs so far

  3. I personally think you're being a little biased with Kris Dunn. He may not have put up that many points or he may have put it up in garbage time but at least he was efficient. And everybody else had a bad game but you were saying they will get it together oh and by the way Tomas satoransky also had a bad game but you say you like the way he played

  4. Easy cruise for the Bucks…even without the Bucks dynamic trio in the game. Makes you wonder what would happen if Giannis Middleton and Bledsoe were in the game…

  5. Its preseason I dont want lauri to show off something to the opponents to prepare for the season but one thing I see is his defense improve in terms of his lateral quickness he stayed infront of matthews,most of the time he'll be beat up

  6. I only got to see the first quarter but I liked what I saw from Coby. If they start him and let him work out his kinks, I think they could still squeak into the playoffs ands Coby will be good by then

  7. The Bulls will win next time they face the Bucks it's just one game I Seriously expect the Bulls to improve and make the playoffs this season they have a lot of things to improve on and they need to develop better chemistry

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