The Chicago Bulls Will Make MAJOR Changes To The Roster This Offseason!? | Chicago Bulls News!

The Chicago Bulls Will Make MAJOR Changes To The Roster This Offseason!? | Chicago Bulls News!



  1. We need to hang on to Zach LaVine. Trading him would make no sense, the contributions he makes to us offensively and defensively are quite imperative.
    LaVine was our main scoring option and without him, we'd be no where near the playoffs this year.

    The only one of that 4 you mentioned I would trade is Coby White. I don't see him going forward as a Bulls player.
    Chandler Hutchinson needs way more minutes. His potential is up there and needs to be seen on the floor to get that experience.

    I hope Billy Donovan can get us back on track!

  2. Being a Bulls fan has sucked for yes. Trading or hearing a trade for our best player Jimmy, Lavine. Trade Markkenen he's not gonna be the guy we thought he was gonna be before you have to pay him. Should of never overpaid Felicio. Should of never traded expiring contracts for a way overpaid 7-8th man in Otto Porter.

  3. I feel like any offer Dunn gets will not be matched and they'll let him walk. Same for Valentine. But I'm not seeing any trades since any of the superstar players you mentioned will be free agents soon. Why let go of young talent to rent a player for one year?

  4. TBH its way to early to determine what needs to happen with this roster unless marc, ak, and billy all sat down and discussed this amongst themselves what they want to do with it

  5. The Bulls are set at the 2 and the 4. They need help at the 3, 1, and 5. I’d like to see them trade done with Atlanta and get Cam Reddish or with Phoenix and get Kelly Oubree. If they needed to add to 4 pick, they could add Dunn or Valentine. This would take care of the 3 and they could then grab a 1 at the 7th or 10th pick where there will still be a number of 1’s to choose from. The Bulls would then have plenty of talent in case they had to add young talent to a sign and trade for a bonafide Star next year.

  6. AK came from the Nuggets where he found Joker you just said he’d trade Lauri before Zach ok and I’m done

  7. Look they traded butler for zack I am sure he is the only high value player so I am sure he is gonna be the one if any of them get traded

  8. Draft Malachi Flynn San Diego st will solve half are issues then get decent sf or Chandler step up

  9. Stop freaking trying to rebuild they've been rebuilding for years if they're not winning a championship they're rebuilding trade everybody do like the Lakers

  10. We not making no trades to any of our core members, the Bulls know we have a special young team, dont believe any trade rumors it is all fake news.

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