The Fall of the Chicago Bulls | What Happened?

Despite not having the same amount of titles as the Celtics or Lakers, it would be impossible to tell the history of basketball without the Chicago Bulls.



  1. I'm a Lakers fan but I was excited to see the Bulls back in the mix as an elite team. Coby White is gonna have a breakout year and I hope Zach Lavine makes it to Superstar status (Go UCLA!)! I'm sick of the Celtics and Bucks

  2. There would never be a convo on this if d-rose never had injury problems now rebuilt fine and got d rose and drafted and made great moves and almost got melo now they had to rebuild after jimmy couldn’t get past the second round and it’s just injury the derailed the bulls path to success and now since lebron is gone the east is open and giannis is struggling in the playoffs to miami the just unlucky hopefully they get lamelo even tho they have coby but they have young players in their starting five so it hard to see who they pick and Otto porter isn’t a bad Sf just a unlucky team and some spotty organization decisions

  3. A big thing that went unsaid was Hoiberg didn't get the type of players he wanted. Rondo and Wade didn't fit his system and then they toss Doug McDermott as a "here now shut up" pick that didn't do anything.

  4. Rose got hurt and was never the same. Never had a star or alpha since. That's what happened. If u dont have a star in the NBA
    …good luck.

  5. Nice Video mann 🔥🔥🔥 the minute MJ left the Bulls just went extremely downhill. Similar to the D Rose era, that one injury killed their new revival.

    The Bulls truly need one superstar to be relevant which is hard to come by

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