The HARD Truth About The Chicago Bulls Future! | Off-Season & NBA Draft 2019

The HARD Truth About The Chicago Bulls Future! | Off-Season & NBA Draft 2019


  1. Guess all those idiot fans for the second-year back-to-back understand now that tanking is not an accurate science not a way to success just ask the Clippers and the magic who made a lot of money this playoff year and created a lot of Buzz with their fan base by actually making the playoffs even though they have a young core especially the magic there's money to be made in the playoffs you know right there's people that want to come play with you when your team has a winning culture you know that right? So here's to you GM's and you want to bgm fans who think tank and works hope your scouting department is good this year

  2. I don't see the Bulls drafting Garland @ 4. Too high for him. Maybe Coby White. They should trade down where the real gems of the draft are. A trade with Boston could land them 2 1st rd'rs for the 4th pick. #14 & 20.

  3. Don’t like the Garland pic i don’t think he fits with our roster, he is a shoot first point guard we need a point that can set Zach and Lauri up for shoots and push the pace

  4. If Dunn is starting next year at all, this offseason is a failure. Even if we draft garland or morant, we need a veteran PG on the roster, like collison or rose.

  5. Bulls off season- Bulls get #4 pick in lottery, Zion, JA, RJ all gone, Trade back and take a wing with potential like Cam Reddish. Sign Dlo, Frank Kaminsky, and either Rubio or Beverley to be backup PG

  6. Bulls need to examine the injury history of these players in the draft before making a selection. You make some good points in this video.

    I am a fan of Kris and I think he still has some great upside in his career.

  7. If we get the 4th pick I think that we should try and trade back and try to get Darius Garland maybe at like eight 9 or 10 and if he's not there get Coby White that's just my opinion

  8. Jarret culver and play him at sg off the bench makes more sense to me and then sign someone like Patrick Beverly instead of kinda wasting the pick on a player that may never be the same in garland

  9. Coby White should be an option for the Bulls if they stay at 4. I also like the idea of trading down to Memphis for their pick and Mike Conley obviously Felicio and Valentine would have to be included to make the cap fit.

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