The HARD Truth About The Chicago Bulls Future! | The 2021 Free Agency Plan! | Chicago Bulls News

The HARD Truth About The Chicago Bulls Future! | The 2021 Free Agency Plan! | Chicago Bulls News


  1. Only player i think bulls can realistically get is greek freak ( not gonna destroy his name). Otto would come off the books, felictrash will be off the books, and sato and young will be halfed. That's enough to get the max. Hopefully lauri zach or wendell break out as elite players by then.

  2. I don't see Lauri Markkanen being an All Star next season. I see him more as a 3rd scoring option. I can envision an improved Zach, Otto, Sato, and hopefully, rookie Coby White taking away touches from Lauri. Even floor spacers Luke Kornet and Denzel Valentine might cause Markkanen's scoring avg to drop. #Giannis2021 If the Bucks drop in the standings and the Bulls rise, Giannis will do just what the others have done and sign w/ another team. Hopefully, the Bulls.

  3. No! We shouldn’t trade for no big name players. We have young superstars on our roster. We just have to develop the talent. Kawhi wasn’t a superstar in the beginning

  4. Dont nobody want his old ass in 2021 smh if we not getting you in your prime i dont wont you i wanted him when he took his talents too Miami but he didn't come I would stop being a bulls fan if we got him in 2021 plus dont nobody wont to play for Garpax or reinsdorf we only draft superstars no superstars come here tracy mcgrady tim duncan kevin Garnett carmelo Anthony could've got them they didn't wont to come here and this not lebron james home neither listen i been bulls fan since 85' you will die before the Bulls get a Superstar third best market behind L.A. n N.Y. and we cant get Superstar we not winning nothing with Garpax or Sorry Jim Boylan i guarantee we get lottery pick next season top 10 as long as Garpax Boylan in charge nothing we was happy getting a old ass wade smh

  5. Chicago Bulls is a cheap organization they not getting no free agent top free agent they need to sell the team we're the owner going to put money into it

  6. The Bulls could make itself attractive to the likes of Giannis, especially if the Bucks fail to build a championship core around him.

    I don't think PG or Kawhi will leave LA. So there's that. Not sure how to make Blake Griffin work, unless he can play SF?

  7. I honestly think we could have a chance to sign Giannis if our core steps up AND if Bucks get bounced early next 2 years!!!
    And I disagree that we will have an Allstar and especially not two in Chicago Allstar game! And I DON’T want Lavine in dunk contest! Are you kidding me dude! Any player with previous torn ACL should not even consider it! You are a Bulls fan all your life and you actually want Lavine in Dunking contest? Does a name Derrick freaking Rose come to mind??? No I don’t want Lavine in a contest that makes him try to jump higher every time for no good reason! Hell freaking no! This just pisses me off! You freaking kidding me with that crap! Your 2021 free agency goes through the window if Zach gets injured! Bye bye! Next time think a little about future before we hear some dumb dunking contest content!

  8. Isnt our cap space will be full if we give in 2021 max contract to Lauri? Btw Bron will be old and sign 1year deal with the team who draft lil Bron. 100% he will not be the same

  9. Zach LaVine is in the top 16 in NBA scoring. Bulls already have there #1 Scoring option

    All positions are cover.
    Bulls need another SG that Play Defense that's all

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