The Top 10 360 Dunks Of All Time

Top 10 NBA 360 Dunks (In Game) The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada.



  1. I hate to get picky but none of these dunks are true 360 dunks. My definition of a 360 is while “in the air” you complete a full circle and then dunk. I’m sorry, turning you back to the basket and then jumping is a 180 dunk. Vince Carter came the closest while in the air at about 320. Paul George actually did a complete 360 but he completed the 360 motion when he landed.

  2. I reckon the best one was #8 because it was closest to a real 360. Most of the others are 180s, they jump off with their back to the hoop.

  3. Derril Griffith 360 dunk championship game..Louisville cardinals.. Its the truest 360 statue of liberty dunk…should be 1 because it was a championship game..

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