The Truth About The Chicago Bulls Future! | The Otto Porter Jr Trade & Zion Williamson?

The Truth About The Chicago Bulls Future! | The Otto Porter Jr Trade & Zion Williamson?


  1. Obviously we ain't going to get morant If we keep winning. I reckon we should go for Darius Garland if morant ain't on the boards when it's our time to draft. And since we have cap space we need to get a veteran PG most likely D Rose to help out our young point guards !

  2. To be honest i feel like our starting lineup is perfect besides point guard. I think if this team has a little more chance to grow and get chemistry, adds a little more depth and a better starting point guard i think we could make some noise in the east. Young point guards usually take time to develop so at this point if we dont get zion id almost rather trade our pick for a veteran point guard who could help the team mature and help us win sooner rather than later.

  3. I see similarities to young Jabari Parker hype with Zion coming to the draft. Except Zion’s a way better defender and way more athletic. But he ain’t a small forward, he plays PF. We saw what happened when Jabari tried to play SF.

  4. There is no clear cut winner for the lottery. Odds totally different this year. Cavs suns and Knicks have best chance. Knicks can still end up picking 5th or 6th actually and 4th if finishing dead last.

  5. We only have a 1.5% chance difference of getting the first pick when it comes to the Knicks, and thats if we finish fourth. Teams 1-3 each get a 14% chance of getting first overall, while team 4 has a 12.5% chance. May sound like hopeless optimism for Zion, but honestly, i'd be fine with a top 3 pick, which as of now, we have a 36.6 chance of getting.

  6. Hope we will have top4 pick, not 5th, coz one of Zion, Ja, RJ&Cam should be a bull. It is a huge difference between 4th and 5th this year.

  7. We not trading otto porter or gettung zion💯
    Otto been ballin & we would be dumb to trade him if we not getting a solid two way like otto is & why get zion when PG is a position of need. Plus…we not getting the #1 pick💯 we not getting higher den #3 overall

    Draft Ja Morant, try to get a good contributer out of free agency to team up with Dunn & Lopez off the bench💯

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