1. Most overrated player in NBA history. Lost to the Pistons THREE years in a row. Played in the weakest era in history when all the shitty expansion teams came into the league. His Bulls team were the same without him after his first retirement, losing only 2 more games. Couldn't win without Scottie Pippen. Played weak teams in ALL 6 of his Championships, teams that were old and had no more than 2 legitimate stars. Went to the wizards and couldn't make the playoffs? lol. List goes on. "God-like"? Don't think so. And I'm a LeBron hater so STFU

  2. Michael Jordan Is The Goat Nobody Is Even Close Just Think If His Dad Wouldn't Had Died Rip And He Never Left He Would Have About 10 Titles The Goat

  3. Here's some facts for the haters and ignorant fools.

    1. Every single team that Jordan lost to in the playoffs after his rookie year made the NBA Finals.

    – Something you can't say about the 1983 Bucks, 1990 Suns, or 1990 Knicks that defeated either Bird's Celtics or Magic's Lakers.

    2. The only team that didn't make it all the way to the Finals the very year after defeating MJ and his team in the play-offs, was the Milwaukee Bucks and that was during MJ's rookie season and debut play-off series in 1985.

    – Those Bucks had Sidney Moncrief, who had just won his second Defensive Player of the Year in a row the previous season and was still the runner-up for the award in 1984-1985 season and the second runner-up in 1985-1986. Those Bucks also had one of the greatest defensive guards of all time in Paul Pressey. Keep in mind that no guard has ever won DPOY in the 2000s, and in his first ever playoff series, MJ already had to deal with a 2x DPOY guard in Moncrief.

    – The Milwaukee Bucks made it to the ECF in 1984 play-offs and were defeated by the Boston Celtics who went on to win the Finals.

    – However, not many people remember that in the 1983 play-offs, the Milwaukee Bucks swept the Boston Celtics in the first round of the play-offs. Those 1983 Celtics had Bird, Parish, McHale and Cedric Maxwell who was an ex-Finals MVP.

    – One year after MJ's play-off debut, Bird's Celtics had to beat the Bucks again in the ECF on the way to Bird's last championship.

    3. Jordan was drafted to a team of multiple cocaine addicts, Orlando Woolridge and Quintin Dailey were the only two that were caught breaching their contract due to their drug addiction and were eventually forced to leave the team in 1986.

    – The Bulls become a play-off team after drafting MJ and were able to win one game in a 5 game series against the Milwaukee Bucks with a 8 seed team. Orlando Woolridge and Quintin Dailey, the very two cocaine addicts that ever eventually kicked out from the team also happened to be MJ's most valuable team-mates at that time. The Milwaukee Bucks made it to the ECF twice in a span of 3 years, and were very underrated considering the fact that they were able to sweep a stacked Celtics team that boasts of Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Kevin McHale and Cedric Maxwell who was an ex-Finals MVP.

    – MJ averaged 29.3ppg and 8.5 assists in his debut play-off series. To give you an idea how hard it is to do that, LeBron James was never able to average more than 8.5 assists per game for a single play-off season until the 2015 play-offs was over. He was a 12 year veteran then and needed to complete his 10th play-off season and play until his 33rd play-off opponent to register a feat that rookie MJ accomplished.

    4. MJ has never ever lost a play-off series when his team had home court advantage. Unlike Bird, Magic or Kareem and many other greats, who have been knocked out by teams in the play-off despite home-court advantage.

    — Even with home court advantage, Larry Bird's Celtics lost to Patrick Ewing's Knicks in the first round. Jordan's Bulls never lost to Patrick Ewing's Knicks in 5 playoff meetings, even with a 6th seed Bulls team in 1989. For those claiming that this Celtics team was washed up, Bird was 1 rpg and 1 apg shy of a triple double, and McHale, Parish, and Lewis all played very well offensively. This wasn't the same Celtics team of the 80s. but they were still expected to beat the Knicks.

    – Magic Johnson and Kareem lost to a 40-42 Rockets team in the first round of the 1981 playoffs while they were the reigning NBA champions. Larry Bird's first championship came against that same 40-42 Rockets team.

    5. MJ has also never lost to a team lower than a number 2 seed. Unlike Bird, Magic or Kareem and many other greats, who have been knocked out by teams lower than number 2 seed in the play-off.

    6. MJ's teams were able to defeat multiple play-off opponents with a top 10 all-time center and multiple NBA Finals opponents that were good enough to make it to the Finals after defeating play-off opponent/s with a top 10 all-time center.

    – The 80s Lakers were never able beat a team with a great center in a play-off series. Parish might be a Hall of Fame center but he never made the playoffs in a season without Bird unless he was playing under 20 mpg off the bench. The 80s Lakers lost to Moses twice (1981 and 1983), and against Hakeem (1986), going a combined 2-10 in playoff games against them. These were the only times the 80s Lakers played a top 10 all-time center in a playoff series.

    – In 1990, Magic Johnson's Lakers had a top 7 defense and offense and the best record in the league. Magic also won MVP that year. Even then, Magic lost to a 5 seed Suns team led by Kevin Johnson and no Charles Barkley in only 5 games.

    – Jordan ended up beating a Suns team with Kevin Johnson as well as the MVP Charles Barkley in the 1993 Finals.

    7) MJ and his team was the only team in history that ever swept the Bad Boy Pistons in a play-off series.

    – Neither Larry Bird nor Magic Johnson has ever came close to sweeping the Bad Boy Pistons despite the fact that they have never ever played against the Detroit Pistons in the play-offs when the Pistons were officially and statistically the number 1 overall defense in the league with a current DPoY winner in the same year moving from regular season to post season. Dennis Rodman won DPOY in 1989-1990 and 1990-1991 regular season and the Piston's were the best defensive team in the league statistically.

    8) MJ's Bulls were the only team that ever won a play-off game against the Detroit Pistons in the 1989 NBA play-off. No other team in the 1989 NBA play-off ever won a single play-off game against those Pistons except for MJ's Bulls and they were able to do it twice. The 6th seeded Bulls stretched the series to 6 games.

    – Magic Johnson could not even win one game against the 1989 Pistons in the NBA Finals before his injury, even after his team went 11-0 in the Western Conference.

  4. and about the cramps for lebron, you COULDNT actually play with cramps (trust me) especially for him, he's big. so if you're big and you've cramps, it hurts so bad.

  5. to anyone that's talking about lebron and jordan, to me they are just the same. they have good teammates, they are scary at their primes, and they have a team that's somehow we go crazy when we see them match up (Bulls-Pistons, Heat-OKC) the things that the two of them are different are
    1. they play at different eras. jordan plays for the more physical era while lebron plays for the "more mental-era". although they play at diff. eras, they gave 110% effort at the court.
    2. the numbers. to me, mj and lbj have same numbers (little difference to me) but what's best for mj is, he's not 6"8. he's just 6'6 and it's actually great. for lbj it's great too.
    3.they dont play like each other. mj is more of a post up SG and lbj is more of a attacking SF.
    they are just diff. with those things (idontknow maybe other things) but they are actually same at things like they,could pass, shoot (mj has more clutch attitude tho) rebouns, and defend. idk why u all hate lebron much, but i think of him that he will be like lebron. maybe he could be top 2 (and mj is top 1) or top 3. just think that lebron is the new mj but plays at diff. position.

  6. I'm really surprised that no one ever tried to push his chin up when his tongue was out  to get him to bite it off!! lololololol!!!!

  7. His head barely goes above the net. Jordan's length and hand size as well as his grace made him a great dunker much more than his verticality.

  8. The reason why Michael will always be better than LeBron James is because Michael actually gutted out games. He played in the NBA finals while severely ill and had 38 points in the flu game! LeBron kept complaining about his cramps; oh poor him.

  9. Question for you basketball experts: Would some of these dunks have been fouls if they were made today? I don't expect basic rules to have changed, but perhaps the standard for penalties has morphed today from what it was in the past.

    I'm asking because I'm not familiar with more than the most basic basketball rules and I've never really watched much basketball. Somebody want to weigh in?

  10. The 90s had some huge players. Pippen, Jordan, Bird, Barkley, Ewing, Johnson, Hill, Olajuwon, Malone, Robinson, O'Neal, Miller, Hardaway to name a few. Watching basketball hasnt been the same since.

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