Top 10 Chicago Bulls All Time | Hoops N Brews

Pavy (@Pavyworld) & TPJ (@ReelTPJ) discuss who their top 10 Chicago Bulls players of all time are. Who ya got? Subscribe here: Listen …



  1. Damn. You put Derrick Rose over Scottie without even blinking? That's disrespect. Y'all need to go back to the tape. Scottie was a perfect player who never made a mistake.
    There was even a good 2-3 years during their run (not including baseball Jordan) when people were even asking if Scottie is better than Jordan, and you'e going not even put DRose vs Scottie up for debate?

    MAYBE, Scottie and DRose "somewhere in the 2 and 3 spot" or "Tied for number 2". But even then. It's a DEBATE.

  2. Pavy how did jimmy not even make your list at all? Jimmy literally was a top 3 sg while on the bulls. Top 5 two way player overall on top of that.

  3. George gervin, robert parish, d wade, and pau gasol at least deserve honorable mention as bulls players. Even if the bulls were a pitt stop for them it still counts i think

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