1. on the 2nd play………was that or was that not Dennis Rodman throwing the ball from out of bounds? Then hits the game winning shot!!!!!! simply amazing!!!

  2. I was privileged enough to watch the bulls all through their championship years at the stadium and the united center. To be there in person is almost too hard to put into words. The intensity of the crowd-especially late in the 96 season was so insane. I still get chills seeing some of those clips of games I was at. Great memories!!!

  3. The best player ever. The three best defensive players at their position. The best 6th man. A decent point guard. Not to mention that Pippen would be the best player on most other teams. The way Rodman complemented Jordan and Pippen. My question is. How did the Bulls lose 10 games?

  4. 2011 already, i still like them & they are the best, so sad nowadays young kids didn't have the change to watch them live, & keep on idoling james & bryant? T_T

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