Top 10 Chicago Bulls Plays Of All Time

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  1. #6 2:02 Everyone credits Steve Kerr for that game because he did score the go ahead shot, but it was really that steal by Pippen that lead to a Kukoc dunk that sealed it. Utah had plenty of time to take a shot and they stole the opportunity. That play belongs higher up the list imo.

  2. the 93 knicks 92 cavs + 97 jazz played chi the overall best n the 90's plyffs but the 96 snics played them better overall than the 98 pacers + the 97 hawks played chi overall better than the 92 blazers who lost gm 1 of rnd 4 122-89 by 33 being a major blowout

  3. Love Toni but a regular season game winner over something like Noah's steal, sprint, and slam with a foul in a triple OT playoff game 6 doesn't seem right .

  4. Nice, we have pretty much the same list 🙂 But here goes my slightly altered version:

    1. Michael Jordan's final shot as a Chicago Bull at 1998 NBA Finals
    2. Michael Jordan buzzer-beating double-clutch shot against Cavaliers in 1989 NBA Playoffs
    3. All 5 on-court Bulls players touching the ball and John Paxson hitting the game-winning 3 at 1993 NBA Finals
    4. Steve Kerr's game-winning shot against Jazz at 1997 NBA Finals
    5. Michael Jordan's switch-hands layup after 12 consecutively made FGs against Lakers at 1991 NBA Finals
    6. Michael Jordan's game-clinching three-pointer against Jazz while feeling ill during game 5 of 1997 NBA Finals
    7. Scottie Pippen and company's stellar team defensive sequence against Knicks at 1993 NBA Playoffs
    8. (tied) Michael Jordan's dunk on Patrick Ewing in 1991 NBA Playoffs
    8. (tied) Scottie Pippen's dunk on Patrick Ewing in 1994 NBA Playoffs
    9. Scottie Pippen clutch defense and Toni Kukoc finish for the championship at 1997 NBA Finals
    10. Dennis Rodman full-body extension falling out-of-bounce play(s) to save ball and possession

  5. Imagine if at Number 6, Scottie Pippen got the steal and then Toni Kukoc missed the dunk 😂 That'd be like the biggest NBA fail ever.

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