1. Stop looking at the dunk itself and look at the height of the dunker… 6 3 vs 5 7 8 9 is big difference. Even at 6 even.

  2. Kevin johnson dunks was impressive but alot those dudes could really get up..Iverson had them springs why he finish so well
    But baron , rose , dunks was sick
    But marbury had hops too just him him iverson crossed u up nobody notice there hops..

  3. Ok so you guys are arguing about Russell being number 7 but we’re not talking bout this being a point guard video and ai is in it and he’s a 6 foot SHOOTING GUARD NOT PONIT PLUS who said it’s in any particular order this could be the first to come to mind never mind this video being 7 years old Westbrook was only in his 4th year at the time and he wasn’t a effective dunker till 2015 this video was made in 2012 you ignorant 12 year olds who think you know everything about the nba when your probably a bandwagon warriors fan and have only been watching for a year max you probably don’t even know the name Dominique Wilkins he’s thrown down one of the top 5 most iconic dunks and guess what team he was playing on the SuperSonics who are the SuperSonics you ask well you fucking since you know everything about Westbrook than you should know that before they were okc it was the Seattle SuperSonics

  4. Westbrook should’ve been in the top 5 on this list, hands down. And where are Dee Brown, John Wall, Robert Pack, Lindsey Hunter, and Stephon Marbury?

  5. I got to sit front row when Spud Webb was on his tour after winning the dunk contest. It wasn't just a one time deal. He did every dunk he did in the dunk contest, I could not believe how short he was.

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