WARRIORS at BULLS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 6, 2019 The Golden State Warriors defeated the Chicago Bulls, 100-98. Glenn Robinson III …



  1. 1:30 and people have the nerve to say 2k > madden that would’ve been a moving screen foul in 2k I thought that’s not a real thing. Like and 2k’s games ain’t even playable. Another thing you get technicals in 2k for not cussing but i swear players cuss all the time and don’t get nothing called.

  2. Dlo green for pick and roll, dlo got double so green can have time and soace to look for open man like stein

  3. Why ZACK? wide open for layup shoots 3 instead……….. I prefer OT. You can't think you gonna make all the clutch 3's……… to win a game

  4. Bulls need new direction!

    GARR/PAX suck ass!1

    As for Boylin…you should hear his post game interviews!! He’s lost…the Bulls are lost!!


  5. I want warriors to be healthy and make the playoffs. Only so the Lakers can sweep 🧹 them and embarrass them in the playoffs 😂

  6. I know Zach is probably the best player on our team but in my opinion they should’ve either played for OT or Lauri get the last shot because Zach, before that lost shot he was cold and Lauri still had a hot hand. Also Valentines tech gave them an extra point so we could’ve went for a two anyways if he didn’t get a tech. Whatever I know we ain’t making the playoffs anyways

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