Warriors & Hawks Interested In Bulls Kris Dunn! Should The Chicago Bulls Re-Sign Kris Dunn?

Warriors & Hawks Interested In Bulls Kris Dunn! Should The Chicago Bulls Re-Sign Kris Dunn? ——————————————————————— Chicago …



  1. Bro ur mindset is so stuck in the gar/pax era. They ain't keeping dunn, he's a bum nnso is shaq. Those r guys pax would bring back n they ain't over paying for Chris bumm. Trust me on that n ur other video talking about their gonna run back this same team for one more year is even more insane. That's another gar/pax disaster. Like saying we had so many injuries we need another year to see what we got😂🤣 hold this L. We have a real president now them days is long ovvaaaa. They assured Donavon this is not a rebuild they will be making major changes kiss half these bums goodbye. I forgive u for being mindfucked by gar/pax so many years but now u gonna see how a real president/gm do things.

  2. Dunn can be a younger Pat Beverley. I'd keep him because you need a guy like him to be, if not a shut down defender, at the least be very disruptive.

  3. His defense is overrated. He's great at getting steals but you could see a lot of times last year he would gamble to get steals which would cause his man to blow right by him straight to the basket or would cause Dunn to rack up fouls. Also his offense is non existent but he keeps shooting anyway lmao. It would be a good move if the Bulls were a contender who needed a solid role player off the bench but the Bulls aren't winning a championship next season and Shaq Harrison can do almost as much as Dunn does on defense and more than Dunn on offense. Also, Dunn and Coby White have the same agent and the agent probably doesn't wants each of his clients to maximize their revenue which is hard to do if they play the same position on the same team.

  4. Keep Dunn, good glue guy. He doesn't need to be a scorer we have 3. Trade ottos shitty contract to the warriors w that 4th pick for their 2nd. I dont care who we draft honestly. All top 4 players can help

  5. It's time to let go of Kris Dunn , we have a lot of point guards and we need to develop Coby White and Tomas Satoransky since he is a bigger point guard . All we need is a small forward spot and a back up veteran power forward or center like Noah .

  6. I want the Bulls to re-sign Dunn, but if we could trade him and number 4 for the number 2 pick I say do it. If they do that, they could elevate Shaq Harrison to replace Dunn’s defense and have access to the number 2 pick…win win in my opinion

  7. Sign & trade Dunn with the Warriors for 2nd pick. Package him with the 4th pick and Porter or Young. I doubt they’d do it but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

  8. Yes we need kris Dunn he plays defense but he will get more minutes with bulls that any other team plus we got 4th pick and may get lamelo ball also we hot Billy Donovan as coach we lit

  9. People will hate trade coby white and Otto for gallinari sign and trade and Dennis…draft killian hayes trade Dunn and Thad if the bulls serious about montrezl Harrell

  10. I really love Dunn but I want to watch Adam Mokoka develop as a bulls 3 and D player he got the size and his release is much better than Dunn or Shaq and he can defend too, he could be our Luguentz Dort.

  11. I think with the new front office and coach…the bulls should resign him. Let him properly develop and see how he fits. His defense is elite. Billy Donovan preaches defense. I don’t see them letting go of him. Him and shaq on the floor together. Oh my

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