What Is Wrong With The Chicago Bulls?!?!

What Is Wrong With The Chicago Bulls?!?!


  1. The funny thing when you said Lauri needs to be more aggressive is that HE WAS! LOL he used to drive, he used to dunk, he used to pull up with that lil drag step shot, he looked unguardable at times but now he's just relegated to just standing around the perimeter because clueless Boylen probably thought this guy is amazing at threes, so why move him from that area lol

  2. Boylen is coasting on a resume, because he was with Popovich and with the rockets for a lil while, dunno WHY the bulls organization looked at this man and thought he would be good as the main man

  3. seriously rusty what's with the half ass double teaming of ball handlers??? I'm sick of watching it and it doesn't create enough turnovers

    good point on Wendell too it's sad they don't run anything through him.. When he played for Duke the national media praised his passing ability as one of his greatest strengths!! I think he will eventually shoot the 3 at a serviceable rate and will become the leader of the team. He's trending that way already

  4. You're being wayyyyyyy too critical of coby this is still like his 12th game in the nba at like 19-20 years old. He'll put it together just look at what trae young did before and after the all Star break

  5. Thanks for video, listened till end. Hoiberg had his own faults, but he would have been 10x better than Boylen here. Hoiberg had to use B-players in a tanking seasons, now Boylen should have much better players and he is sucking badly and I feel like players don't believe in him at all compared to how they believed in Hoiberg.

  6. I'm confused. Bulls win and zach goes for 49. Shouldn't you praise boylan for allowing zach to stay in the game. Could have sworn Gregg Popovich bench Duncan..Parker..and Ginobili in his early stages of coaching

  7. I agree with you but coby is 35 percent from three which isn’t that bad for a rookie and he his the 2nd leading scorer on the team i think he just needs some time to be comfortable which i feel will be soon💯

  8. Phil took the talent in chicago amd won.
    Phil to the talent in LA and won.
    You can have all the talent but if the coach is clueless….. you have whats medically diagnosed Acute GPS (Gar/Pax Syndrome).

  9. I do enjoy that you are back go roasting people and calling them out for the shit they do. Hopefully the megaphone will be coming out more and we are back.

  10. Lauri has shot the ball pretty poorly on the shots he’s been given though. That being said, he isn’t consistently getting good looks, which is mostly on the coach.

  11. I’m very worried that they’re gonna take too long to fire him and it’s gonna completely ruin the team and everyone’s gonna want out and it’s gonna be back to the start of a rebuild again. Fire jim Boylen and save our team. I can see it being like the Timberwolves when they got rid of thibadeau and getting along better (sorry can’t spell that)

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