1. Chicago has a decent chance of making the playoffs. Considering they were tanking this past year, they could have won more games. If they do what this team is built to do, they should easily crack 42 games.

  2. Defense and scoring. The Bulls have the team to make the playoffs on paper, but do they have the players to win games in the 4th qtr? The 4th qtr is when you need that Superstar level player or players who can score when contested. The 4th qtr is when the Bulls have to make stops defensively. The difference btw the Bulls and the Bucks, Raptors, and Sixers will be that Giannis, Kawhi, and Joel type of player who can dominate the game in the 4th qtr. Do the Bulls have that player? Time will tell.

  3. The Raptors got Kawhi because they proved they had a good team, and a good coach. No issues.
    So they could get a player like Kawhi Leonard.
    Next year the Bulls must show they have the right pieces, AND they have a coach that knows how to use them. To get good free agents, the Bulls MUST make the playoffs.
    If they cannot, which I expect, then top free agents won't come here, because the Bulls are too far away from being a champion quality team.
    It would be amazing the Bulls made the playoffs, but many teams in the East have improved. It will be tougher this year, than last. It seems most are picking the Bulls to finish with 32-38 wins. That seems about right to me.
    They will be in the lottery again next year, just a little lower down.

  4. What happened to Antonio Blakeney???? He burst onto the scene, with phenomenal scoring in the G League. The Bulls sign him. BUT, he did not produce.
    WHY could Blakeney not score?? Why could he not be offensive force on the Bulls that he was on Windy City???
    Looks like Bulls are going to release him.
    Does anyone know what happened? And, why he failed on the Bulls?
    Was Antonio all to blame? Or, was coaching, or game strategies factors?
    Can he be successful somewhere else? Or, is his NBA career coming to an end??

  5. Derrik Rose didnt make sense to sign…we just drafted a guard and we gota cheaper younger guard with less injuries. Yall just want Rose cause he Rose

  6. Ik i been sayin i want rose back hell we all have but to be truely honest rose gave the organization all he had and some and for them to do him like they did goes to show you they dont give a fuck bout the locals brah dey left my dude cryin brah man fuck the organization wit a sick dick my ngga💯💯💯 i luv my team cuss i bleed for dat nation

  7. Lol I know a person will say the most bullshit when they are drunk. Only some of it is true, most of it is just nonsense because the drunk people don’t really give a shit what they say.

  8. What the hell were y'all thinking getting rid of Derrick Rose? When I heard he got sent to the Pistons, I didn't want to believe it. I went wild. Cuz I couldn't believe it.. Y'all have to get Derrick Rose back, cuz Rose he woulda' made us win alot more games. Cuz that Muh Fucka can play, of course he can. He already has The BULLS blood in him, cuz he usta play here.. So get him back. When he was here, y'all shoulda' payed him more money & kept him. So, if he comes back, pay him… Shit, y'all should pay more money, so he won't leave again, 4 the rest of his Career.

  9. I never have trusted the management for the bulls. Rose has a solid last year and you're telling me he didn't earn his way back?? We need that hunger. Rose is a walking example of heart. Sorry I'm still mad about that too. In saying that, I'm excited. We may squeeze into the playoffs.

  10. Bro DRose don't even look right in a Detroit jersey. Man I would've settled for PBeverly the bulls need an Instigator to hype them up.

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