1. So you wanna get rid of a defensive PG that can’t score for a younger defensive PG who can’t score but passes better? Yeah…ok makes sense. Id rather draft Cam and get rid of Porter.

  2. Nonsense talk on Lavine. Anybody who can score dxmn near 24 on almost 47% from the field, 37% from deep, is someone to take notice of…. Lavine is ascending, and his ceiling is there with the elites. Guys like that don’t come around often!? Dudes gone be upset next season cause these Bulls making a playoff push!? Shxt, if Lauri and Dunn are healthy to start this past season, this team is at minimum 20 games better.

  3. I either want this or trade for the Suns pick so we're hopefully guaranteed Darius Garland… i just dont like Coby White

  4. Fuck lonzo ball he shoukd be un the G league …bulls just draft man take bol bol sign drose and i.t for a cupple mill each let them split time playin point guard until you come across 1 in draft or free agency or bol bol develops into a 7 ft 3 point guard

  5. I think the 7th pick Lonzo for the bulls is a pretty good fit. But obviously the lakers would only trade lonzo there to try and make a more appealing offer to the pelicans. Such as the #4 and #7 pick with Brandon Ingram along side josh hart. For Anthony davis. I don’t think LA will include Kuzma because they obviously really do like him but the pelicans would want him just as much as anyone else in that offer. The only way I can see this trade happening is if the pelicans are really interested in trading AD to the Lakers. And the lakers if they can have the opportunity to get AD they are gonna need that 7th pick! If not I can easily see AD in NYC for the 3rd pick Knox and smith jr. or even brown and Tatum from Boston.
    Gonna be a very interesting summer

  6. This is the first video I’ve seen on your channel, and I subscribed right away when you said you are a bulls fan. Cause im glad there is still real bulls fans out there like me. #seered 🤟

  7. The bulls should trade their pick down for two 1st rounders or for a player and a 1st rounder. I personally really wants carsen Edwards but taking him at 7 seems dumb

  8. Im a bulls fan too and I think they would be way better off trying to go for Terry rozier or even draft coby white

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