What's Next For The Chicago Bulls?

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  1. I am really tired of trade talk about Chicago bro we always do trades it’s like when we have good players we trade it em it’s like we should just call Chicago trades instead of Chicago bulls

  2. This ones easy. A) Get rid of Porter, Young, Satoransky, and Felicio B) Sign a star SF or draft a high upside SF C) Get a real coach

  3. Before i watch the video, i'm just going to be real here……..LAURI MARKANEN NEEDS TO BE USED OR HE NEEDS TO GO TO A TEAM THAT WILL UTILIZE HIM CORRECTLY.

    He's a mobile big, he can put the rock on the floor and take it to the rim. He can shoot midrange and he's a great outside shooter. When he's going he plays too me like there BEST PLAYER! Im going to be honest I like Lauris game more than I like Lavines.

    I do put some of the blame on the coach but just watching them from a distance there are too many young players on that team , too many good ones and your trying to find that balance. Man bring a coach that can utilize both Lavine and Lauri correctly it should be those two that's your offense. Lauri has too high a ceiling to be utilized the way he's been looking.

  4. Per 36, Coby White is averaging 18.5pts, 4.9reb, 3.8ast, 1.1stl with all the intangibles you mentioned. Yes, he has a lot room for improvement. He's a rookie. But his upside is impressive. The reason I suggest building around Coby White and trading Zach Lavine is because they do not compliment each other and White is still on his rookie contract. If either of the two gets traded it will be Zach Lavine.

  5. Okay let's talk now.
    First off all I think that you are viewing this all wrong, why? Because I think that AK is going to start a new rebuild. That being said prepare yourself to see the almost everyone is going to be traded and cash in the assets so he can build up from the draft. Okay let's go like this.
    AK is well known as a guy who is establishing the culture and you can't establish a winning culture from the culture that sucked for so long, if he continues with this rooster the Bulls will be stucked in the mediocracy like forever and that's the worst situation for the GM, no high draft picks and no real success, but if he start to trade away the players he doesn't need to tank for high draft picks, he can start working on the winning. The AK is really good drafting players. Plus every GM who is regarded as a good drafting players don't want to have on his rezimea that he made success with the players who wasn't drafted by him. So what I think that he is going to do? He's going to find coaching stuff that is from top to bottom committed to developing players and from listening him many times he's saying that it's equally important to draft a player who have good working ethic besides the talents. He does not like the players who don't enjoy improving his game and skills, so LaVine is going to be traded I'm pretty much sure in that.
    I'm Denver Nuggets fan so I know AK work and don't worry the guy is perfect for the job!

  6. Now u got subscribed again, I didn't want to do it before you do a video about the Bulls! I'm one of them who asked u to make a video about your bulls.
    Well yeah u was for the change but that's not important, what matters is the future and how do you think its going to play out and what do you think about AK hire?
    So without further ado let's watch the video!

  7. I’ve been saying they should trade LaVine and then by 2021 have enough space to make a run at Giannis, pg13 (even tho I would imagine he would stay) or the many many other free agents that summer… or if they could sign a super-star they have enough pieces to trade for another super star that maybe wants out of his current situation eg Lillard… idk a team centered around Giannis and Lillard would be cool but that’s like mega ultra super optimistic haha

  8. “Coby White has been so inconsistent during his rookie year” 😂😂😂… he’s a ROOKIE bro give him some time to get better. Agree with every other point you made tho especially w/ Lauri

  9. Chicago teams need to avoid the injuries. The Bulls and Bears could’ve been in the playoffs in their leagues if both rosters were healthy.

  10. Move WCJ back to the 4, start gafford, Lavine, Hutchison. Draft a playmaker and have Coby white come out as our 6th man. Get rid off Lauri and glass man Porter.

  11. Get rid of everybody not name Zach, coby ,Wendel, lauri , Otto, gafford , dunn , shaq & Valentine n get some got vets with that core n fire jimbo

  12. I saw some stat somewhere that kris Dunn was on the level of Mattise thybule johnathan Isaac Kawhi level of perimeter defense

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