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  2. Hello, I'm a fellow Bulls fan. Followed them from the Thibs era. I personally think the need to establish a physical defensive identity as well. Actually, CP3 can teach these guys to play physical defense in addition to being a mentor.

    Maybe the new management can solve the problems in the Bulls.

  3. they fired gar Forman. Also they should not trade Lauri cause I feel like they have misused him. He was good last year and he has huge upside.

  4. What about Lamelo if we Luck out in the draft? Natural playmaker and can be another offensive option. Very similar player to his brother Lonzo, and I think Lonzo would be one of the best additions the Bulls could have had in the offseason.

  5. lol Mavs stole the 2018 draft and got another franchise player — literally, a unicorn — for a bust that they had to get rid of anyway and expiring contracts. The Suns drafting Ayton I can understand. But the Kings drafting Marvin Bagley? Who the hell is running the scouting in that franchise? The Mavs then had to convince the Hawks to risk possibly not getting Trae Young for a protected top 5 pick, which they did. In 2019 the Mavs get Porzingis, a one of a kind of player who is the perfectly fit as 1a player in the modern era for a championship caliber team and somehow they convince the Knicks to trade him for a poor man’s Steve Francis and expiring contracts.

  6. What I Think Chicago Should Do?
    • Fire Jim Boylen
    • Sign Kenny Atkinson
    • Draft Obi Toppin
    • Sign Derrick Rose
    • Trade other point guards besides from coby white for draft picks
    • sign a Anthony Davis Or Another all star center and put carter jr in pf
    • waive felicio sign Michael Porter Jr
    • trade markkanen and Otto Porter for Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

  7. We might as well get Rubio cause chris paul is looking for a ring hes not coming here to do thunder 2.0. Lonzo ball maybe but hes in too good a fit with the pelicans . But maybe getting Ricky Rubio will do us wonders rondo's staying on the Lakers. Maybe Goran Dragic trade for Thaddeus young and two picks if Goran contract with the heat is up. But a for sure safe fail is either ricky rubio trade for kris Dunn and Denzel valentine or trade Thad young and Otto Porter jr for Spencer dinwiddie and Joe Harris along with some picks to sweeten up the deal.

  8. As a chicagoan your voice on the bulls is like shedding light on an unknown issue. Like seeing one of those commercials for animal abuse we need a theme song just like in the arms of an angel but for the bulls. Felicio is now known as Feldco Feldco has got to go

    Edit:I'd much rather bring Kwame Brown out of retirement and have him play on the bulls PHUKK it. This is a PHUKK it moment for bulls fans PHUKK it

  9. I want the Bulls to hire Mike D'antoni when he gets fired from the Rockets. The players they have there were made for D'antoni. Hire D'antoni, Hire either Chris Mullin as GM, hire Larry Drew or Mark Jackson to be his Defensive coordinator, trade Zach Lavine, Thad Young, Tomas, Lauri Markkanen to the Lakers for Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso & Danny Green. Sign Alonzo Trier & Tristan Thompson in FA. A starting 5 of Coby White, Alonzo Trier, Wendell Carter Jr, Kyle Kuzma & Tristan Thompson with Danny Green, Alex Caruso, Denzel Valentine would be lit

  10. "Go fuck yourself. It's my channel. If I want to say the word "Piss" 7,000 times and upload it, I will."

    I'm dying right now. That got my subscribe. I fucking love it. 😂

  11. Trade Zach Lavine and Thaddeus Young to the Bucks for Khris Middleton.

    Trade Lauri Markkanen and Cristiano Felicio to the Nuggets for Gary Harris.

    Hope Otto Porter opts out of his contract. Use that cap space to target a big like Paul Millsap, Davis Bertans, Dario Saric and Serge Ibaka.

  12. I love it when you make Chicago Bull videos. If I had your channel, I would always talk about my spurs lol

  13. You were into Bulls trading for Lonzo Ball, who fits the timeline. CP3 doesn't. So, there's that. But I agree with the rest: Injuries, lack of playmaking and Jim Boylen's coaching are holding the Bulls back.

  14. CP3 might not "fit the timeline" but that a flawed concept. You never know what your timeline is, trades, injuries, breakout seasons, and so on. What you get from a bringing in a guy who "doesn't fit the timeline" is you get to see your guys play on a competitive team and you can assess which players and see which guys flourish through competition and you see what guys are good stats bad team guys or just can't take the pressure and you get the young guys to really learn how to win because you can't just start winning, you have to learn how to, it's a skill in and of itself and if young guys don't learn how to win then you'll be wasting their years later when they are near the middle to end "of their timeline" so to speak. You might find out that Lavine is fun to watch but doesn't contribute to a consistent winner and trade him before his value drops, or you might find out some bench guy that got 8 minutes a game is actually a fantastic 18-20 minute a game guy who can give quality minutes and contribute to winning, and knowing stuff like that about your players let's you make better decisions for the future.

  15. Keep making bulls videos.
    I like hearing about teams i don't follow from local fans. I also like Lavine dunks.
    I also want my Celtics trade for Wendell Carter Jr for like some picks and Romeo Langford and Tremont Waters, g league all star and soon to be g league rookie of the year and looked great in his few NBA game filling in for Kemba Walker, but not for Jaylen Brown or Tatum at all though, he's nowhere near their level yet, especially Tatum. Maybe a trade for Jaylen Brown but only if the bulls through in an unprotected first round pick next year and some other players to match Jaylen's money. I really don't want Jaylen traded though, he legit reminds me of a young Micheal Jordan but a bit less athletic and doesn't have the gigantic hands and i say this a fan old enough to remember watching Jordan when he played when i was a kid, he retired when i was like 20.

  16. just move on from lavine-markkanen duo it is not going to work their minds are washed and they need environment change. My opinion is bulls needs to give away Lavine and markkanen to the twolves for a 1rp and maybe hernangomez and turner and rebuild with 2 nice picks and build around white and those 2 playes.
    Getting Chris Paul is super cool and every basketball fan would love to see that but it is not a long term solution. Biggest bulls mistake is postponing the rebuild and trying to fix unfixable problems that Boylen created inside the team. I repeat this my opinion as a basketball fan not as a Bulls fan

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