When Michael Jordan almost joined the Knicks and RUINED the NBA

Michael Jordan almost joined the Knicks and…. the NBA would have been Ruined Thanks to Mack Weldon for sponsoring this video. For 20% off your first order …



  1. You keep harping on the point that it was his “favourite” team. I agree that he rigged Ewings lotto, I agree that he helped the knicks try and sign Mike. But it wasn’t because they were his “favourite team”. Before social media, nba relied on its biggest media markets to spread the word about its growing league, and what better way to do that by having superstars in its BIGGEST media market? I’m not saying it’s okay, I’m just saying it was because he had the leagues best interest in the long term in his head, not because he wanted to get his favourite team rings lol

  2. Hey Mike! I'm always updated to your channel and I'm enjoying to watch your what if videos. I have a request for you. Can you make a what if video about Paul George and Kawhi Leonard on the Pacers? Looking forward for that. Thank you

  3. love all of your videos mike !!! keep it up man , would love to see a video on this years draft and most your opinions on the Houston Rockets and the moves made so far in preparation for this season ! we all know who im talking about !!!! lol would be awesome to see what you think about the whole situation ! keep ripping it up man!!!! LETS GO ROCKETS !!!! 🙂

  4. Mike I love watching you and jxmyhighroller basketball videos and always wait for one of y’all to post and watch it’s but you can’t steal my mans song bruh like that’s his shit stick to yours

  5. If the 97 Knicks had met the Bulls in the playoffs there was a good chance their dynasty would have been interrupted. Many speculate that Stern secured the Bulls victory with the dubious suspensions in the Knicks vs Heat series.

  6. Do a Video on the Tallest NBA player ever drafted at 7ft8 but never played in the NBA. His name is Yasutaka Okayama he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors In 1981 in round 8 and was the 171 pick overall

  7. Do a video on what if Kareem and Wilt played in the modern NBA that would be fun to see what would happen and how the league would change

  8. Do a what if on Jordan joining the Knicks, Kawhi Leonard never being traded to the Spurs, and Jonas Valančiūnas being traded for James Harden.

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