Who Will The Chicago Bulls Draft In The 2019 NBA Draft? | Post Draft Lottery

Who Will The Chicago Bulls Draft In The 2019 NBA Draft? | Post Draft Lottery


  1. I want lonzo ball, he’s a very very good defender which is necessary as Lavine is a poor defender, he is a very good passer, and still has a lot of potential, lavine and markannen are good enough for primary scorers

  2. Hey man, first of all love your content! As a huge bulls fan myself, its cool to see videos such as these. I just wanted to say that I also run a Chicago Bulls youtube channel and was wondering if you would like to collab some time? Let me know! Keep up the good work!

  3. They should get Bol Bol and sign Rose to a two year deal and keep Dunn for one more year. Zack and a pumped up Rose that can shoot 3s now are yall serious. Dude aint shit like D. Fox and Bol Bol would have been in top 4 if he wouldn't have got hurt. I think when its said and done he gone end up being like a Kevin Garnett with 3pt range

  4. Can’t believe the mock drafts. They had the Bulls taking Trae Young all last season, but that wasn’t even close. I believe Garland & White will be taken by Phoenix and the Cavs to move Sexton to SG. Which means, we may end up with a surprise draft pick or a trade but who knows 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. No yaw want Lonzo for the name! Draft reddish and sign terry rozier! Reddish will be the steal out of this draft. And he will be there waiting for all the teams to make a mistake

  6. I will draft Darius garland or trade the pick. By the way what’s the name of that theme song in the beginning of this video? intro Sounds dope and motivating

  7. Word on White is that he received a "promise" along with Garland from teams in the top 5 recently (at least Garland's promise was reportedly from a top 5 team (the Suns I'm sure..). I did also hear that the Cavs are j treated in moving Sexton to the 2 and having Coby at pg and are considering taking em. White actually reminds me of a bigger version of Sexton and at 6"5 is close to the size of a SG than Sexton so I don't know how that works but…White is not the shooter that Garland is but Garland is also a defensive liability like ost smaller pgs. I honestly don't know if White will be that much better os a jump shooter than Lonzo Ball or Kristen Dunn at the pro level but I wouldn't mind him. I think they need to seriously evaluate whether OPJ will be a part of the future after the 2 remaining yrs of his contract because otherwise you can just address of in FA and take a DeAndre Hunter or Cam Reddish if either of those 2 are there (1 will be atleast) and groom em behind em…PG doesn't necessarily have to be addressed via the draft since you aren't getting Morant or even Garland more than likely now

  8. This drafts are all rigged, they keep giving chi town 7th pick, to make sure the bulls stay irrelevant, all sports are a rigged and the nba is focused on golden state being the team right now!

  9. NO FUCKING LONZO BALL BS..He's a terrible shooter and FT shooter..Draft Coby White and get a player who can be a star without the nonsense of LONZO ..fuck no.

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