Who Will The Chicago Bulls Draft In The 2019 NBA Draft?

Who Will The Chicago Bulls Draft In The 2019 NBA Draft?


  1. Rui Hachimura is a Japanese-Beninese basketball player for the Gonzaga Bulldogs of the West Coast Conference and the Japanese national team. Listed at 6 ft 8 in and 230 lbs, he plays both the small forward and power forward positions. Averages 20.6 points, 6.7 rebounds, 1.6 assists. Gonzaga beat Duke earlier this season.

  2. Y’all dudes crazy. If the bulls got Zion or Rj your set for years. Lauri, Lavine and one them will be set. If ja Morant is available at 3. I would take him

  3. It's obvious the Bulls have the talent to beat anyone based on their last win vs the Celtics..How can a team lose by 56 and 29 points and then win by 10 and dominating perhaps the best team in the Eastern conference? Even without Porter for most of the game..I know they're better than their record shows and I hope they continue to play better and grow their confidence..Porter gives them exactly what they needed and they NEED to keep him..So as far as the draft goes, they will still likely be in the top 7-10 wort records and depending on their evaluation of Kris Dunn I think NEED is just as relevant as talent..Kris is still growing as an offensive player as his strength is defense and attacking the rim.It seems he's not being as aggressive on offense and is focusing on his playmaking skills, passing, running the offense, rebounding, assists etc. Ryan is showing you don't need to be taking a lot of shots to be very effective..He's a good shooter but even better at making his team mates better..Ja Morant is a very talented player, a smaller and slightly more athletic version of Dunn, but Darius Garland is a better all around player and a better 3 pt shooter…more like Curry or Lillard, and 3pt shooting is a talent teams want..Alexander Walkier and Coby White are combo guards who could also fit with the Bulls..Will Gallands injury make him fall to the 2nd round? Personally, I would like a player like Daniel Gafford, who would give the Bulls a backup center and future starter that brings toughness, defense, rebounding and a lot of energy..He could develop his offense but his high energy athleticism and unselfish play gives the Bulls something they really need..I expect them to trade Lopez, although I like Lopez as a team leader and a solid yet awkward center, he could be traded with other players for a possible pick or player..Other players like Nassir Little, Jarrett Culver and Keldon Johnson, and some of these player will be there when the Bulls pick..I'm hoping Bruno Fernando, Luguentz Dort or Quentin Grimes will be there in the 2nd round ..Obviously if the Bulls get lucky and pick in the top 3 then Zion or RJ wold be the obvious choice..Zion has the crazy talent for a defensive lineman but RJ would seem to fit the team better.

  4. We have enough point guards in my opinion.. No they aren't the best, but they are slightly new so you have to let them grow.. RJ is a shooting guard/small forward who i think would fit the Bulls roster more perfect than Ja Morant, but not more perfect than Zion.. RJ's height, weight and skill set give him more of an advantage than Morant..

    Morant is gonna have to work on not turning the ball over so much but he still a great player.. Im not sure how many picks we are getting afterwards, but i would also like to see Eric Paschall and Bennie Boatwright on the Bulls roster as well….

  5. If Bulls pick at #1 Draft Zion
    Then Trade Zion to whoever has the 2nd pick for
    2019 2nd
    2020 1st 2020 2nd
    2021 1st
    2022 1st
    Draft Ja Morant at #2.
    Trade Kris Dunn for pick

    Zion Jump around a lot he might get hurt in the NBA( Knee)

  6. We need a PG💯 if we have to make a trade to get Ja Morant then MAKE IT HAPPEN….i'll trade Kris Dunn with the 2020 & 21 2nd round picks.

    Morant, Lavine, Otto, Lauri, Wendell🔥🏀

    If we get SF Nassir Little, put Lavine at PG & let Otto come off the bench. Little will develop quicker & Otto will help Dunn with bench points💯

    Lavine, Shaq, N.Little, Lauri, Wendell🔥

    Dunn, Arci, W.Selden, Otto, Rolo/Felicio🔥

  7. I'm hearing Ja is being compared to d fox… I'll take it.

    Rj barrett and cam works as well

    Being interesting if we got zion with the number 1 pick
    .we have to play him at the 3

  8. All depends on Phoenix. We need them to pick first cause whoever picks first is taking Zion. Knicks drafted a lottery PG and just traded for one so they aren't picking Ja. Cleveland just drafted Sexton so they won't draft Ja. Ja falls to us at #4. But, if Phoenix picks 2 or 3 they're definitely taking Ja. PG is their glaring weakness. This is purely logical.

  9. Bulls need a point guard we need murant suns would Probly take rj or reddish and Cavs would take can or redish witch means ja would fall for the bulls

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