Who Will The Chicago Bulls Draft With No. 4 Pick In 2020 NBA Draft? *FINAL PREDICTION*

Hey guys, it’s Faiz In today’s video, I give you guys my final prediction for who the Chicago Bulls will draft with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.



  1. I'm hoping the Bulls draft Deni Avdija with the 4th pick. I would be very upset if they draft Patrick Williams over Deni at number 4. Since Patrick Williams is predicted to fall around 9-15 in most draft mock ups.

  2. hope its not D.A . Bulls need to move in top 3 or hope one of top 3 draft anyone other than Ball, Edwards. Wiseman. This draft as in lottery talent is weak. No more bench help 1st round picks !

  3. I hope the Bulls trade down. Unless they trade Zach (as rumored) the team has a set starting 5. Trading down will get them a player or players who can come off the bench and grow with the youthful Bulls. At this point, I'd rather the Bulls draft Aaron Nessmith, or Saddiq Bey @14 and Paul Reed @26 than to invest in Deni Avdija @4.

  4. I've watched his videos, but what does Deni Avidja do so well that people say he is a playmaker? I just don't see it..getting an assist doesn't make u a playmaker..

  5. As a long time Bulls fan it sucks almost everytime they get a top 5 pick its a weak draft…and usually a couple unknown late 1sts become great players from those drafts. When they do get a good one something catastrophic happens J Will and D Rose come to mind

  6. you forgot isaac okora for small forward he might be the best fit for the Bulls but I think you got to go with best available than rather than fit so I don't think you pass up on Obi Toppin at #4 and plus I'm not convinced that Obi can't play small forward in the NBA either

  7. I think Patrick Williams will shock a lot of people & AK/ME see the potential he has and notice that heโ€™s still getting used to his 6โ€™9 230 frame. Especially because he had a 8 inch growth spurt in his Junior year of high school ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ

  8. I think we're trading down, all the interviews and workouts with 5-12 picks point to that. We'll probably end up with a point guard and a forward by the end of the night.

  9. I would be ok with Deni. If Ball falls to the Bulls pick, I would trade the pick to Detroit or the Knicks for their pick and a first rounder in 2021 which is supposedly a much better draft class. Both teams seem desperate to draft Ball. Williams would probably still be available at the Bulls new spot. Deni might even be available then too, though unlikely.

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