Why Chicago Bulls & Phoenix Suns Must Draft Ja Morant

Why Chicago Bulls & Phoenix Suns Must Draft Ja Morant


  1. what do yal think of Ja? He is my 1b player in the draft. I would not be disappointed if you miss out on zion but land Ja

  2. As a Bulls fan I’d prefer Morant to Zion. Right now, with the young core as it is, we’re a PG away from one of the best young starting 5’s in the NBA. If we draft Zion we gotta rework our roster and depth chart and rotations AGAIN. If we draft Morant – it’s an immediate plug in and a starting 5 of – Morant, Lavine, Porter, Lauri, and WCJ.

  3. Ja is definitely someone I would love to have on our bulls team, but I'm not going to get excited just yet cause of where we may land in the draft. It's looking like we will place 4th in the draft and Ja will be loooooong gone by that time unless the ball bounces in our favor like it did for derrick. I love Derrick Rose let's stop referring the young guy to the next Derrick Rose, he's actually better in my opinion. He's JA MORANT!!! GO BULL'S

  4. The NBA gets it… You need big markets to fuel the league. So the knicks (the biggest market of all) will get the 1st pick and draft Zion. The bulls will get the 2nd pick. That move will the 3 biggest markets (NY, LA, and The Chi) back to relevance. They'll get it right. With the 2nd pick in the draft the Chicago Bulls select Ja Morant out of Murray state.

  5. Ja just needed more exposure. Lot of folks slept on him only because they didn't see him enough. This draft originally felt like Zion or nothing. Now Ja would be perfect fit for Bulls. Either way we can't go wrong.

  6. Stop….. Best point guard for the Bulls…. Cody White…. North Carolina… More points than Mike…. From the PG position…. I'm driving, get on while you can 🐃🐃🐃

  7. I totally agree with you, the bulls need to do whatever it takes to get ja morant, he will be a franchise changing player, my bulls need to give picks, players, money whatever it takes to get ja to Chicago. Also think they should trade Dunn ant bring back D rose to mentor JA.

  8. so sick of the weak ass suns winning these draft lotteries for so long. No prospect can save that garbage franchise. Give the lottery pick to better teams like the Bulls. You wont see us in the draft lottery next year if we get zion or ja. The suns will suck no matter what but another players talent will be wasted there yet again. Sad

  9. Zion is not coming to bulls, he does not fit. Carter Jr is there. Morant is the choice, imagine bulls get first pick n draft this kid.. bye Dunn, I like Arch better.

  10. Ja is too good of a fit for the Bulls to not go all out for. I'd offer our 1st and Dunn and maybe even next year's 1st for Morant. Also, how are you all feeling about Darius Garland? He's been drawing Curry/Kyrie comparisions.

  11. kris dunn aint the pg of the future im glad you said it twice cause im in a debate right now in somebody comments and dude telling me bulls should not draft morant.

  12. Also don't forget that Darius Garland is out there too people. He is definitely one of the top guys in this draft and he was the number 1 point guard before injury and before the meteoric rise of Ja Morant. So either guy fits in well and make my bulls an instant playoff team

  13. Phoenix don't need anymore top 5 picks, they got 4 on the squad now and TJ Warren was a top 10. If the Suns get Morant, he'll waste away like Booker….Morant to Chicago. Let's get that 2nd pick. Dunn is a high level bench player. Morant, Lavine, Otto, Mark, Carter!!!

  14. Dont sleep on darious garland either yo i kno that injury messed his campaign up but his nba comparison is steph curry boi could of easily been a top 5 pick and still is

  15. Out here in Phoenix, our local sports talk radio has been having this debate too. Zion would be amazing here, don’t get me wrong, but honestly, this Suns team DESPERATELY needs a PG. Imagine some line up like this:
    PG: Ja Morant
    SG: Devin Booker
    SF: Bridges/Jackson/Warren/Oubre
    PF: Bridges/Jackson/Warren/Oubre
    C: Deandre Ayton

    My money is on Jackson and Warren possibly being traded, and re-signing Oubre and keeping Bridges at the forward spots. But we’ll see. Whether it’s Zion or Morant, I’d be happy!

  16. Aww man see it gets tricky with these new lottery odds, if your the Suns and u get the #1 pick again do u go with what u need or what's more marketable ? U need spacing in Phoenix and Zion is a instant all star but do u want to clog up the paint with Ayton their too ? I know that GM hope to land at 2 because his job will be on thin ice.

  17. Either pray we get a top2 pick or hope the Suns will pick 1st cuz then they take zion leaving Morant to fall to at least 2 then the knicks I guess could take RJ since they have DSJ, Clevland will pass as well since they have Sexton. If the Bulls happen to get 1st pick I say trade down to 2 or 3 to a team who is desperate for Zion, collect a 1st next year and pick Ja Morant, Or just trade up from wherever you are to like 2 or 3. Imagine this lineup Ja, Lavine, OPJ, Lauri, Wendell and then invest in the 2nd unit in free agency, that's a playoff team right there. Get guys like Tyreke Evans, Thaddeus Young, Patrick Beverly maybe resign Robin Lopez?

  18. Die hard Suns fan here. We are in need of a playmaker so bad to take pressure off Booker. I am praying so damn hard we get a top two pick. Obviously Zion is the top prospect so you take him first no matter what, but I will not be mad at all if we get Morant at two lmao. Dude is a beast, love him as a competitor, would finally have a legit guard to get the ball to Ayton down low. Really hoping one of those guys are in the Valley because I feel by 2021 we could finally make the playoffs.

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