Why The Chicago Bulls Will Make The Playoffs!

hate if you want… we shall see. Episode 2 of the HoopsCast – GOATmentary FULL …



  1. If the Bulls make the playoffs this year it most be a positive note in there first 25 games. Look at the schedule its a rough one… Good luck

  2. I’m not huge on Coby but maybe he will pan out. We’ve had some good draft picks so I have faith that our scouting did it’s job on him. Lauri was an absolute steal and I think Wendell can be a great big. Fingers crossed.

  3. Coby White will start immediately

    And the Hawks will have the second most cap space next summer. They definitely want to compete but they also want to be smart

  4. Rusty man I thing you gotta let it go bro. I'm a big bulls fan myself but I just dont see it and I hope I'm wrong. The bulls though a solidly built team on paper dont gel together as some of yall think. I think Coby is solid but hes not a legitimate playmaker. People hate Kris Dunn because of his shot but hes a good playmaker. Zach is not a good playmaker and I wouldn't even stretch decent…with that Zach is your dominant ball handler. That stretch the Bulls had at the end of the season was that A STRETCH I honestly cant be confident in them performing like that all season especially with their defense being so bad. Coby will be a solid scorer but hes not a good defender, Zach is near a liability on that end, Otto is probably our best defensive player next to Dunn which isnt super impressive. Markkanen is capable but still hasnt shown much on that end and Carter Jr is solid down low but is still coming into his own with the sample size given. I know alot of people will look at me crazy by saying it but get rid of Zach for a solid scorer and better defender at that position or a playmaker. Take a Bradley Beal, Take a Dennis Schroeder….someone that could balance the offense. Dunn cant shoot but can defend and can make plays for others, White is a solid scorer with a capable shot but cant defend and is subpar passer, LaVine can score with a decent shot but cant defend is a below average playmaker. How does that gel for any of the team's primary ballhandlers? It doesn't. Plain and simple…I love the idea but I'm being realistic here, it's going to be tough but I'm a fan and I hope im wrong but I see what I see.

  5. everybody mad cause garpax wont package talent to chase after aging stars, I'm happy because we have two studs that could both average 25ppg this year, lavine has the ability to live at the freethrow line and Lauri makes 25 look simple. Otto porter played well once here

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