Zach LaVine Is Becoming A SUPERSTAR For The Chicago Bulls!

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  1. I feel like Lavine has all the tools to take the next step, with his scoring, passing, defense, and leadership next season.

    This team has a great shot of competing for a 7-8 playoff spot.

  2. lavine should for sure win most improved player of the year
    the team sucks so he gets no attention…hes gonna be our superstar. lauri will be great 2nd option. we just need a good PG

  3. Face it, nobody’s talking about the Bulls this year, except when they lose by 50 or give up some record in futility. Lavine has looked great since Porter came over. Unfortunately, Porter has looked more passive (like he did in Washington) the last few games, and Markkanen hasn’t looked in March like he did in February.

  4. Dude you lied about the Derick Rose stat bc Derick really only played 3 seasons before getting injured. You can't count the comeback years. You will be disingenuous to prove your point!

  5. He wasn’t an all star because of our record he 100 percent should of been one but no one in the media pays attention to us because of our record so as long as we can’t win games Zach won’t get the recognition that he deserves

  6. I expect the Bulls to make the 7-8 seed next year on 40+ wins with Lauri and LaVine making it to the All Star game and Wendell Carter Jr winning an all defensive team, Otto Porter shooting 40% from 3 and our draft pick finishing top 3 in ROTY voting and making the rising stars game

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