Zach LaVine Is Reportedly NOT HAPPY With The Chicago Bulls? | Chicago Bulls News + Rumors!

Zach LaVine Is Reportedly NOT HAPPY With The Chicago Bulls? | Chicago Bulls News + Rumors! ——————————————————————– Bulls Chat …



  1. i dont care if zach lavine doesnt play the defense everybody wants him to play, he's improve alot on the defensive end this season, win or lose he deserves the max contract. you cant find any better player that will sign with the bulls with this kind of numbers he is putting. if you really value lavine and dont want to lose him, give him the max contract no matter how the bulls end up this season.

  2. Bramlage Coliseum news: and yes children and adults from around the globe Zach LaVine, who want to be traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, with Doc Rivers and this superstar Ben Simmons. and yes Zach LaVine, will still be unhappy with the Chicago Bulls pro basketball team until this team trades him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rob Farris and his brother on their 59th, on Saturday, January 16th, 2021, of THE new OLIVET baptist CHURCH, and yes kids and adults from around the world, our late parents is the one who dumps and abandoned us, boys. and yes God and Jesus, and the Angels of Heaven that raised Rob Farris, and his small brothers at the age our four and under in the late sixties. but yes God makes sure Rob Farris and my brothers were adopted and raised up by a single mother of Orange Mound, Tennessee. hello Isaiah Alexander Maurice, of Queen City, North Carolina, and Samuell Williamson, of Rockwall, Texas. but lookout LeBron James, and Anthony Davis, hear come the world best two basketball players coming for this national basketball titles filmmakers.

  3. I have a bad feeling that if we are trash on the trade deadline and Zach would want out then we could end up with Oladipo plus like 3 picks from Houston via Nets

  4. Dude I'm sorry. I don't comment on videos but Bradley Beal was not an All Star last year and he led the league in scoring and plays wayyyyyyy more defense. Zach can be great. But he kind of doesn't "get it" yet.

  5. Why even make a video outta shit dude say; I doubt zach want out at the start of the season when he finally got a real coach, plus he's the star of the team, watching zach all these years I'd bet that he feels this is his real 1st shot, y run from it

  6. Lol in a Recent Interview Zach Lavine said He didn’t care about personal stats as much as He cared for Getting more W’s. That shows he isn’t trying to fill the stat sheet to attract another Organization. Confidently being able to come to agreements with the Current New Front office.

    Secure the bag Max contract, early bird special secure the Rebuild!

    Coby, Zach, pat Lauri Wendell

    Chicago Loves you Zach Lavine !!! #ZachLavine #Zachlavine8

  7. I don't want us losing Zach!!😣 He should be happy with the bulls look how much they have improved since we got rid of Jim Boylen. Glad we have new proper stuff & a very decent coach.Yeah there may be times where we don't win some games but we will learn from that & get better & better. I trust Billy Donovan & what he's doing with his team. I can see us improving more & more.. just need to give it time!

  8. I must say, he doesnt look happy playing ball lately. But i hope he's just locked in and focussed coz we Cant loose him man

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