1. This is the first time the NBA All-star game has been in Chicago since 1988 (32 YEARS ago) and you're telling me the only representation the Bulls will have is a couple minutes of Zach in the 3pt contest!? He (along with Bradley Beal) should've easily been All-stars in the Eastern conference and Coby White should be in the Rising Stars game. The NBA should step in and ensure that whatever city is hosting the game gets at least two representatives in the events (like this year, Coby in the Rising Stars game and Zach in the all-star game).

  2. I hope he stays with the Bulls, but I won't blame him if he leaves. He has a great talent and he is young, but careers don't last that long and if nothing changes I don't think he will stay long in this trash organization.
    We're talking about the Chicago Bulls, man! How could a franchise like this become such garbage? They're still living off Michael Jordan's legacy…
    Hopefully something will change before Lavine gets tired of this situation. Go Bulls!

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