Zion Williamson Would Make The Chicago Bulls A Dynasty AGAIN! | 2019 NBA Draft

Zion Williamson Would Make The Chicago Bulls A Dynasty AGAIN! | 2019 NBA Draft


  1. So how's having the number 7 pick in the 2019 NBA draft fields are you tanking lovers news flash this is not the NFL we're having the worst record guarantees you have to top pick saladerie so there's always a chance that things we go sour take for instant the year they got Derrick Rose they didn't have the best chances of getting the number one pick overall now did they here's to all the idiots that get mad when teams like Orlando and the Clippers play hard even though they traded away some of their best players they still have the young talent but they also have one year playoff experience under their belt and you know what smart-asses they made money for every game that they play in the playoffs but everybody is a GM in their mind LOL doesn't work that way develop your young talent and let the chips fall where they made in the draft I guarantee the magic and the Clippers will be in the playoffs again the Clippers maybe even getting to Superstars and yet they never Tanked

  2. Even if it isn’t fake, it doesn’t mean shit! Of course it’s “might” Bulls have the 4th best odds, so they might get number 1 pick lol.

  3. What cracks me up the most is…….when I said that the Bulls really shouldn't be trying to win games back during the regular season, so that they could be in a higher draft position, fellow Bulls fans said that I was tripping, now that the season is over …. everyone all of the sudden wants Zion or Ja. SMDH

  4. Idk, these Duke guys seem a bit overrated. Zion is probably an exception. But who knows? This draft could turn out to be very weak, in hindsight

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