I made this project to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of the legendary season of the 1996 Chicago Bulls . Remember the greatest “team run” in NBA history …



  1. Funny most of these highlights are of the others besides Jordan. The argument that the Bulls were almost as good without Jordan in 94- 95 forget that a lot of the team had been playing with the greatest player ever for a few years. Of course they were good

  2. All you need to know about how killer this team was is shown in the first clip – Jordan's no-look, spinning pass to Pippen. Just watch Pippen after the shot. That team just mowed down the rest of the NBA. They wanted to win every. single. game. The losses they had were narrow ones. A nightmare on offense and vicious on defense. Scrapped. Rebounded. Passed. With all due respect to the Warriors (and that isn't a small amount of respect to be sure), the 72-10 Bulls were the best basketball team ever. And I don't think it's close. People talk about "it's hard to compare teams from different eras" and generally I agree with that, but this team would be advantaged by the rules of both eras over the Warriors. I don't think the Warriors would fare well with the physicality of the Bulls era, and I think Jordan and Pippen would be insane in the more open game of the current era. Yeah, they'd be a little slow at PG and Center, but overall I think the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages.

  3. This was when basketball was great. This team is the greatest. If they were around today they’d be bagging 150 ppg & going 82-0.

  4. There will never be a team like the 1996 Bulls! When they come to town you knew they was coming to town to shut stuff down… Not to mention the 72 wins WITH A RING!!! Best team ever assembled by far. And also remember that Dennis Rodman was ONLY 6ft 6. 2 /3 peats/ enough said.

  5. This team will forever been the pinnacle of team Sports i think. now one can surpass you can only equal. that 73-9 GSW team is already nearly forgotten.

  6. Bulls = everything (defender, dunker, 3pts shooter, monster slam, left handed, rebounder, passer, best coach, best team). nowdays NBA = only shot 3 points.

  7. Where are all the GSW bandwagons at? Proclaiming GSW as the GOAT team after that 73rd win but are nowhere to be found after that 3-1 choke! Asswipes! 😂

  8. Everybody on this team could pass the ball and pass it well. Smartest team I've ever seen with the basketball. These guys played the game to perfection!

  9. We know already how great MJ, Pip, Rodman & Kukoc were; but what makes this team special is that even the supporting players had excellent bball IQ (on both ends of the floor). No team today could beat these guys.

  10. 1:13 See how beautiful it is to take the ball into the hole instead of just jacking up threes like today's lame ass players do?!

  11. This video doesn't show enough of Rodman pulling down rebounds. He led the league that year and averaged 17 per game!

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