4 Final Chicago Bulls Head Coach Candidates

The Chicago Bulls Have Finalized Their List Of Head Coach Candidates . Denver Assistant Wes Unseld Jr., Philly Assistant Ime Udoka , Milwaukee Assistant …



  1. Wes Unseld Jr should get the job what I seen is very impressive. I'm not so big on ime udoka spurs assistant never work out for bulls. Mine concerns about Kenny Atkinson that he a self promoter something Jim Boylen was something we don't need in Chicago.

  2. Wes Jr. ability to make adjustments defensively is remarkable. Shots may or may not fall but all those comebacks were due to defense

  3. Sadly it is no Dan Craig in that final candidates. I absolutely on Wes, nuggets are so sexy now. But why a lot of ppl high on Udoka? Philly's game system is trash and stupid. Luckily for sixer Brown was fires already, why do we want his assistant?

  4. I wish they would’ve considered Juwan Howard. Don’t know if he’s qualified but he is from Chicago and he’s got a smart basketball mind

  5. I'd go with Wes Unseld Jr. What he did with Denver was unbelievable. He has a relationship with AK already and I have a feeling the players would buy-in to what he's selling. For the right price, he's my choice as next Head Coach. We need to step up our defense and he seems like the right guy to make that happen.

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