6 NBA Players Switching Teams This Offseason | Derrick Rose Returns To Chicago Bulls

This Nba Off season will be one of the craziest ever. Stars like Kevin durant, Kyrie Irving will look to join the New york knicks. While Anthony Davis will be traded …



  1. AD ain't going to the Lakers via trade homie. We learned that already. Maybe after next season. But by then will AD wanna play with an older LeBron..? ❌

  2. I want Pat Bev in Chicago, his defense and grit can be so crucial to our squad and can potentially run off on Zach. Just being around a player as tenacious as P bev would be great for all the young guys that we have and will have in this draft

  3. Swaggy my ChiTown Brotha. Keep doing the good job on your YouTube videos, it's only time when you're channel will blow up, I've been seeing ur videos for a while now and people are starting to take notice so keep up the great video's my Chicago brotha. Oh forgot hell no AD to the Lakers, Chicago needs 2 trade for him real talk. Go Bulls

  4. I love the music introduction you should do that more often. But I feel the same way I just want the playoffs to be over so we can get to the draft and off-season lol

  5. Magic didn’t get fired, he quit. I don’t think Davis gets traded to LA. D Rose might wanna come back, but Gar/Pax gonna make a cheap offer.
    I rather throw some good money at D’Angello Russell, or Brogdon, unless we get #2 pick.

  6. The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Players already openly recruiting him to come back. Get him & the #1 pick & we win the summer. #Zion&DRose2Chi

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