Are The Chicago Bulls Choosing Jim Boylen over The Players?

Pat The Designer Asks Are The Chicago Bulls Choosing Jim Boylen over The Players? recent reports would seem to point to boylen remaining the head coach …



  1. As a sizers fan ime udoka was the one who has been coaching the sixers all season Brett brown has done next to nothing I think he would be a great coach for you guys

  2. You have really drunk the Kool-Aid, haven't you??
    Keeping Boylen is bad for the team's morale.
    It sends the wrong message about the direction of the team.
    There is more than enough video to show how horrible Boylen is — time is not needed.

  3. I don't know, if you read the reports of Bulls & NBA Insiders there aren't too many things pointing toward Jim Boylan getting fired. I hope you're right

  4. There are four types of players in the NBA, players like MJ, Kobe, Bron etc. etc. Those players are dogs in the fight. Their main goal is to prove they are the baddest MF to lace them up. Behind those players your have dogs that aren't as talent, but still will fight until exhaustion to win games. These players are like, Rodman, Noah, etc. etc. The third are guys that have enjoyed the praise coming up, and fought hard to some day get PAID for doing what they love. To actually make serious money playing a game. The forth are guys barely holding on to them checks, and not applying to work at bestbuy. Currently, I see two players on the Bulls with that dog gene, and a few that could have that dog gene. Dog players win titles, and thats what Bulls fans want. So them keeping Boylen to me says nothing more then they know they have alot of guys worried just about cashing checks and enjoying their status as an NBA baller. I'm old skool, I want to win titles not ride jocks. So keep the dogs, and see if those others really are dogs. Once you get a legit squad, then go get a coach. Coaches don't make dogs. Either you are or you're not. And for the record neither Zack or Lauri make my Dog list. The ones I see are Coby, Wendell and Daniel, but even they need a better look before I throw them a milkbone.

  5. They will keep Boylen, there is absolutely no legitimate reason he's still there unless you're keeping him……. why would the new management want to go thru the unnecessary problems and distractions…….. they're about to purge the roster……… Zach, Lauri, Dunn…….. I don't think Coby White will ever get to the level that Lavine is right now…….

  6. Honestly I don’t know why they dragging it on when they can get their shit together and shut them trading rumors for good, that affects the players the longer it keeps up

  7. Reinsdorf believed in Krauses statement that organizations win championships not players……. If he didn't do right by Jordan and Pippen what does he care by Zach, Lauri, Wendell, GAFFORD…….

  8. That would be the dumbest thing in the world if they do that cause it would be a repeat of hodiberg over Jimmy Butler not to mention the fans will TRULY abandon the bulls

  9. He need to go already. I mean the game Zach got bench in that Miami game. Then Zach gose of for 50 on the next game show me he not a good coach.

  10. Boylin is GONE! The front office are literally dragging a dead horse. We all know this fool will be GONE before the start of the next season. They just haven’t found “their guy” yet. Either that, or they’re negotiating with someone behind the scenes and we just don’t know about it. No one can convince me that you CLEAN HOUSE at the top, and keep Boylin. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  11. I feel like this if the Knicks can fired they coaches and hiring a coach thibs and they didn't keep there previous coach and they have a new front office like we do why would u keep a coach that isnt good. I think he have a 33% winning percentage record that so terrible and the players doesn't respect him it a players league we all know in Chicago that jim boylen is trash just get rid of him already if the waiting on ike or griffin then they should just get rid of why is he still a employee that look bad to start as a new front office it looks to me that ownership isn't letting them do there job.

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