Bill Wennington remembers Dennis Rodman's Las Vegas vacation during the Bulls' 1998 season | Get Up

Former Bulls big man Bill Wennington joins Get Up and recounts the time Dennis Rodman left for a vacation in Las Vegas during Chicago’s season. Wennington …



  1. I’ve only seen the first 6 eps and so far, they’ve shown MJ having a go at teammates like Burrell, Kokuc and Harper and yet when Rodman finally came back from his extended Vegas vacation, Michael was in a jokey mood and told Phil to ease off on Dennis and just be glad he made it to practice 😂😂

  2. I have a new appreciation for Bill. He sounds like such a well rounded individual. I love seeing him lately. I notice him more in those old games.

  3. Jerry Krause was the "Mr. McMahon" of the Chicago Bulls.
    Tony Kukoc was "Shawn Michaels"
    Scotty Pippen was "Bret Hart"
    Michael Jordan was "Stone Cold"
    Phil Jackson was "Jim Ross"
    Dennis Rodman was "Goldust"

  4. Big bill was a key player is the quentieciential team player and will always be a reason why people play theyre position thanks for being a good player

  5. Wow Wennington looked like an average blue collar player back in the day, but now looks magnificent as f! He didn't just age well, he aged up and beyond! Only other example I can think of is Charles Oakley.

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