BULLS at BUCKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 1, 2021 The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Chicago Bulls, 126-96. Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way …



  1. I'm a bulls fan and I flipped my shit when wendell hit that 3 I was also extremely happy even though we lost because it looks like all of our players got better

  2. Did I see an extremely brief shot of a spider just before this video appeared??
    Ah, it was a shot of the Bucks' center court logo, which looks more spider-like than I remember from last year.

  3. Was there any defense in this game really on either team…knock someone on their butt..all pretty boy players ..no grit..but that’s the nba.

  4. The Bucks has a really good team. They have the exact players for their positions unlike other teams with 6 guards or 4 Centers or PFs. They are very well constructed. If Middleton can stay consistent and Giannis work on that midrange or footwork in the paint instead of just being dominant in transitions

  5. Like Gianni's but the truth to the matter is that they can win lots of games in regular season but when it comes to playoffs they disappear. They need other good players to join their roster and compete with other teams.

  6. I gotta say it's refreshing to see Giannis get his points and stats and barely notice it because it was so in the flow of the game…shows how much pressure Jrue and Chris and even Donte take off him…it's beautiful to watch

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