BULLS at PACERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 15, 2021 The Chicago Bulls defeated the Indiana Pacers, 120-112, in overtime. Zach LaVine …



  1. Pacers were goin bucket for bucket with the bulls late in the game… but all you see in this are bulls buckets. WTF

  2. I would’ve lost so much hope if the Bulls lost this game. It wouldn’t been like our 10th game that was close and could’ve been a W but chose to let up

  3. Vote for Lavine to be in the all star?? He should be the leader!!!!! Give this guy the pie he deserves. 30+ almost every game? That is some MJ 👑 Kobe type of sh*t

  4. If bulls can just go on a few 4-1 streaks they will be fine but if they continue to go on this 2-3,1-4, and 3-2 they want make it no where defence needs to show up more at the end of quarters and go on 9-0 runs at the end of quarters they have a good team

  5. One thing about Lavine is that he earns every point he gets. The amount of no-calls on his drives has got to be beyond frustrating for him. If he got even a fraction of the calls he should get, he would be leading the league in scoring

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