BULLS at THUNDER | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 15, 2021 The Oklahoma City Thunder overcame a 22-point deficit and defeated the Chicago Bulls, …



  1. Bulls are fuckin pathetic, up 20 juss to give up the game when it matters most, they leavin nigga's open on 3's, they need better defense the fuck is their coach lettin them, if I was a coach whoever don't even try to contest a defender gettin benched on the spot, bulls lose a 20 point lead juss to beat the Mavs 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ this shit is crazy yo smh

  2. I haven't been able to watch the Bulls since DRose left. A few years ago when they got Markkanen and Levine I thought "maybe, its beginning". Three years later still the same. Team can score 140 points without any of them even looking like they are breathing hard, and still lose. They are all balls, no brains…

  3. They should end the videos with the box score stats !! I always be wanting to know the stats and how everyone did and see their numbers . You can only get soo much from just the game highlights .

    Or at least put in the team stats and box score in the video description instead of just the top 2-3 players stats . How is you gonna have highlights without stats ??

  4. So are we really going to act like Zach Lavigne isn’t averaging 28 5 rebounds n 5 assists a game on 50% Fg 40% from 3 n 85% ft percentage why is this not getting talked about like it should once coby white gets a full grasp on the game fr him Lavine n lauri Markkanen could be a real good 3 once those 2 have they’re break out seasons the timberwolves really messed up getting rid of Zach lavine imagine Zach dangelo Russell n KAT would be perfect combo fr

  5. The reason why we are turning the ball over so much is due to a lack of a real PG. Coby is nice but he forces too many shots against 2 defenders and dont attack the rim enough or distribute the ball enough to elimate turnovers. Too many jump passes to the perimeter vs attacking the rim then kicking out and swinging ball around perimeter to the open guy.

  6. I am always going to have faith in my Chicago Bulls until the day I die I am 99 years old just like Betty White from the golden girls

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