Chicago Bulls 1996-97: NBA Championship Season (Subtitulado en Español)

Chicago Bulls 1996-97 NBA Championship Season From Chicago Bulls 1996-97 NBA Championship Season DVD of 1997.



  1. Can we do the Chicago Bulls:the 1996-97 championship season version 1 (1997 VHS).
    And we do Chicago Bulls music video again tomorrow, Santiago 73.

  2. Also, I noticed that the 2000-2002 Championship Lakers, 2004 Championship Pistons, 2006 Championship Miami Heat and upsets and underdogs are not watchable, Are those blocked from USA and Canada too?

  3. Dear Santiago73, you should do a video on the last Bulls NBA championship. If you could do it, that would be great of you. Thank You.

  4. Dear Santiago73 put on Chicago Bulls music videos again commemorative republica "ready to go" the Chicago Bulls 1996-97 Chicago Bulls championship season (1997 VHS) full tapes too.

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