1. Dumbest trade for the Bulls during this season. Traded Kukoc to the 76ers for a washed up John Starks that they then released a week or so later. Just gave Kukoc away! Unbelievable!

  2. I was the biggest bull fan in the world. I was so depressed I left the bulls as my team . I couldn't cheer for them I was so mad and depressed and sad with what the organization did. I HATED THEM for what they did to the 98 team by forcing them out. Phil Jackson didn't help either. fuck them man I wanted 7

  3. How is there even a highlight tape for a team that won 17 games? Dude at the end,”this team is finally starting to come around.” They won 15 games the next year lol. Over a 6 year span the Bulls record was 119-341. Nice rebuild Jerry πŸ–

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