1. Why you didn't pick Deni who could developed into a superstar in the Bulls? why picking a 9ppg college bench player only because of athleticism?

  2. Come on man. Some people hatin on the decision picking Pat at #4. NBA is a new stage. Regardless if your a star player in your college team or not, you really get to start from scratch. With self discipline and proper guidance, Pat will surely get to the top.

    Remember, a lot of college standouts went bust when they got into the NBA. Those who polished their game and got guided by an effective organization went to superstar status. Prime examples are Kawhi and Jimmy. Let Pat and the Bulls do their work. Let that sink in.

  3. It’s nice not to have Pax and Gar out there explaining their rationale for the latest Bulls developments. They had gotten so hostile and reflexively defensive with the media. AK is a breath of fresh air

  4. Billy Donovan and his staff will have a blast developing this team. And that includes Lavine who is only 25 years old.

  5. Everybody that I'm seeing hating on the pick really have no basis behind it other than not knowing who Patrick Williams is. Lol Let him play first. Then make a judgement.

  6. I'm not happy, I know I'm not the only Bulls fan who feels this way. I wish we could have traded one spot up for mello, or traded down for obi, or the prospect from Israel, or cass. Stanley from duke or nico, man it was way better players on the board. I'm disappointed #F2020

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