1. I'm a huge fan of Derrick and the last thing I want to see is him come back and get injured okay. Also, at this time we was clearly not ready. He was nervous to land on the foot he torn.

  2. Amazing dunk =) He better off coming back next year instead… So the Bulls management can make the adjustments for offseason.. Loul Deng been horrible this whole series plus this whole season " Trade that Mf and get Tyreke Evans for Rose… Imagine Rose and Evans your backcourt guards who's excellent in a ball handling… Keep Nate,Kirk,Taj, rest of other guys except Rip last year of his contract and pick up a really good free agent offseason plus many top stars would be free agents this year

  3. Did you not see him go to the basket and blow an wide open lay-up. He's not ready. You have to see, he might be able to jump but if he can not make lay-ups he used to in his sleep then hes not ready


    Having an ACL- Tear is mentally almost traumatic. He needs to mentally 100% to come back. What if you were to shit your pants before an important game or afraid to re-injure an NEVER PLAY, then you would stay out of the game too.

    Brainles Idiots…

  5. I don't even mind him returning at any point in the next few games next round or next season critics can say whatever they want he's doing what best for him

  6. Rose isnt playing because he knows the Bulls can beat the Nets withouy him. Hes going to return against the Heat when the Bulls actually need him. #TheReturn

  7. He's looking good. It's kinda like what Thibs said. The deeper they go in the playoffs they better chance of him returning.

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