Chicago Bulls Front Office Moving on From Boylen?

Pat The Designer Gives his thoughts on the recent report that the Chicago Bulls Front Office is Moving on From Boylen. Or Is It? Chicago Bears Content: …



  1. Boylen will be fired. But it won't happen until the season is concluded. Period. It's pointless to keep discussing this topic. Also fuck the players opinions dude is ass. And so are they.

  2. They need to start everything new when it comes to managment and coaching. It's time to get rid of the trash and bring in the cleaner coach that's going to take us to the promise land.

  3. Pax needs to go as far as he can from the Bulls!!! Let these new guys do thr job n if they do keep Jim thr gonna have to get rid of most of thr core team player's!! I mean ya they did better on D this year but their offense was horrible most of the time n to much drama!!! They need new coach!!!

  4. Funny how Paxson was relieved from his duties on making these decisions. Yet he makes a recommendation to keep Boylon cause he likes him.

  5. Jimbo should be gone asap, no doubt at all. Get one of the young upcoming coaches, Griffin, Udoka, Joerger..

  6. This will go a long way with Bulls Fans if Jimbo is fired it will prove to the fan base that AK and Marc Eversley is truly running the show and not listening to ownership and John Paxton Who’s been apart of this teams underachievement for many years

  7. This would impress me, if the season ever resumes, have Marc and Art behind the bench, have Boylen 📞 a timeout w/ a minute left in the game and fire his ass, lol

  8. Jim Boylen never had the support, paxson and farmar were two of the worse execs in the league. Bulls somehow think they are smarter than everyone else, and they haven't won nothing since the Jordan era. And as long as paxson still around I believe nothing coming out this organization.

  9. It would keep with current front office rebuild – now we are down to the coaching level – one things for sure he’s needed to go since day 1. I like everything they are doing. Don’t know enough about the coaches pool – but who wouldn’t want to come Chicago now after the front office clean out plus the legacy that is the Bulls. It’s gonna be exciting if they get the right hire in.

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