1. i always wanted to see a basketball game in Chicago, but i live in euro, and i dont got enough money for the travel :/ . btw does anyone know some good songs to play basketball with??

  2. Damn, just watching this takes my breath away. The feeling you get from being in that stadium during the introductions is indescribable; there's no other feeling like it.

  3. That is a wrong lineup… it should be Ron Harper instead of Steve Kerr as a point guard starter… And Dennis Rodman instead of Horace Grant, Horace Grant is no longer with the Bulls at that time. That's the 2nd Three-Peat lineup…

  4. All this heritage fanfare for a buncha overpaid millionaire slouches!

    Scotty Pippen, Luc Longley, Horace Grant, Steve Kerr, and Michael Jordan!

    Now that's a lineup.

    Sorry, I ain't appologizing. Who are these new PUNKS!??!!

    Overpaid, millionaire lethargic slouches.

  5. I loved them groing up…. Your dad is a VERY VERY fortunate man….. I would love to shake your dad's hand just knowing he shook MJ's…. haha

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