Chicago Bulls Lose Again..Is It Time To Fire Jim Boylen?!?#DemBulls

Chicago Bulls Lose Again..Is It Time To Fire Jim Boylen?!?#DemBulls


  1. Thanks so much for watching guys! Let me know your thoughts it time to let Boylen go or does the team need to step up?? I think its a combination of both🤔 Please share & like this video, I appreciate you guys watching!! #SEERED

  2. Boylen do have some problems for sure but they are heighten when players are not performing at their level it could be a combination of coaching and the players effort. I don't know why Boylen are not playing some players so I have to give him the benefit of a doubt because I don't know what it look like in practice. I think we have to be a little more patient to see how this season develop and if these added assistant coaches can get these young players playing at a higher level by next month. I feel it will take some time for these guy to understand their roles and rely on each other and hopefully we can look back at this time as something to laugh at because the Bulls are playing much better.

  3. Any time you have a loss in energy and play late in the game it reflects on the coaching. You’re the coach, coach them up. 2. The coach is hamstrung by management as well. This entire organization, like the Bears, continues to rest on ghosts of the past. Until ownership/management changes, this is the new norm.

  4. Cmon, Daniel Gafford is not going to win these games for the Bulls. And Hutchison is just a guy. But I get it, changes have to be made. And, they’ll get embarrassed by the Lakers, unless they bring effort that we haven’t seen thus far in the season. I’d say it’ll be a win if the home crowd doesn’t boo the Bulls during this game 🤦‍♂️

  5. Boylin is the classic coach in over his head. He was out of his league last season and remains so this season despite more talent and depth.

    A simple fix is to set the lineups with fixed minutes and focus on adjustments and strategies.

    Bench :
    Dunn or Arcidiacono
    White or Valentine
    Hutchinson or Valentine
    Young or Hutchinson
    Gafford or Kornet

  6. Well Ms Diana, since you asked my opinion. I think they need another coach. Evidently how he is coaching is not working for the team. So hopefully we will see more wins in the future. I am definetely still a huge Bull's fan. Great job Diana keep providing us with excellent updates and information.

  7. The players havent been playing great lately, its ultimately up to them to actually make shots. Now, I also blame Boylen for his rotational blunders as well as implementing an offense based around our players talents. Too many times people are just standing around and its a "I go, you go" type of thing. There needs to be more motion. Run Lauri off screens. Do some PnR wit Zach and Wendell/Lauri. Run Otto off screens. PLAY GAFFORD. The Bulls and Bears are making chicago sports almost unwatchable at this point.

  8. Just a little comparison in this shitty situation: If the NBA would have the same system that we have in football (soccer) everywhere else in the world but not in US (MSL) where you can't drop of to a lower division, then Boylen would of been fired atleast 3 games ago and the front office many years ago! In football the pressure to succeed is wery constantly and serious thing that includes everyone in the team all the time because of the fear to drop to a lower division, so only results matter!!!

  9. Last season, It felt like we were starting to come around to Jim Boylen… This is an absolute nightmare! Oh my goodness, I know I am not a NBA expert in the managing, scouting, etc., but this is just a complete bone-headed play book from Boylen. Does he not see that some times are not working out? Does he not realize that the primary objective is to win in any means necessary? I don't think Bulls will get anywhere with him as a Head Coach. Also, I feel we might have to get rid of some players after this season.

  10. A "Bloody Disgrace Today" v Indiana. I'm a glass half full guy but seriously……, DEFENCE….. anyone…? Sivs stand-still, defensive sivs. Next game I don't give a shit if every player fouls out. Have some bollocks…all of ya!!!! Put a body on someone, take a charge someone… MOVE YOUR FREAKING FEET on D……. stay between your man and the basket…… you bloody witches hats. "Blow by bulls"

    OMFG. Talent is there….. but be pre paired to hurt yourselves, get a bruise or two… for the cheques you players are all cashing. Talks cheap Boylen. PS just an add on….can we get a fair shake refs? and1.

  11. Jerry Reinsdorff needs to sell the team to a new owner who will make a commitment to winning fire gar and pax and fire boylen there is no excuse for this bulls team to play this badly.

  12. Yes it's time to fire Jim Boylen. His Coaching Style is bad and the lineups that he has out there are the on the floor are just horrible. and why isn't Denzel Valentine getting any playing time????

  13. Yes, I think it is safe to say that Jim Boylen has completely lost the team. The Bulls have way too much talent to be playing this badly. Jim Boylen desperately needs to change the lineup. Daniel Gafford & Chandler Hutchinson need to play. Luke Kornet is just garbage.

  14. Shouldn't have given him an extension. Had a yr left & they added yrs. Gonna be one more coach getting paid to not be here. But who can we get here to fix it & will be attractive to future free agents? Looking like lottery time again.

  15. Boylen’s rotations do suck. Im trying to figure out why Gafford doesn’t get any playing time. We have some players that could come in and give our players a good break like Hutch, Denzel, Dunn nd Archy. He’s been playing Coby woth the starting lineup a lot but that just takes shots away from our stars. He should always be our spark plug off the bench and only run with starters when we’re struggling for points and in crunch time

  16. Queen Diana… come on now?
    We all know why we lost and why we are losing.
    Answer me this. If your life depended on it, would you want THIS coach calling the plays that could save you? He's Curly from The 3 Stooges.
    We are DOOMED!!!

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