1. I believe if he comes back ( hoping he does ) he should be a bench player who should mentor the current point guard or whose getting drafted on June 20. Me personally like Artis Gilmore and Scottie Pippen I would like see him retire as a Chicago Bull.

  2. Hey bro can you send me the link of the Chris Paul video you made earlier ? I saw it on my notifications but i caint seem to find it , I’d appreciate it and also love this video bro !

  3. Man I hope Derrick Rose comes back and we just go ahead and draft Kobe white or Darius garland if he somehow still there and we just sign some good veteran talent for the bench and done we makin the playoffs next year and we gonna be contenders for a ring cause golden state losin KD this offseason so we good if GarPax just listens to this amazing advise 🔥

  4. Stop gassing that bootleg Ricky Rubio lbs. If ryan at least had Kirk Hinrich confidence i would say sign him. Kirk got down and dirty for us every play. He might've got smacked up a couple times but that was for the culture he not a hoe tho. Kirk had a low key burner too i would like it if he was an assistant coach.

  5. Let me know if we got problems you know I'll fry somebody ass. But you disrespectful tho you got Ryan and on the Avi but you don't got John Lucas III, Nate Robinson, and his enemy C.J. Watson. But we won that coin flip last year if we would've lost the flip we would've had the 2nd pick.

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