Today we doing a realistic rebuild covering the Chicago Bulls! They’ve been out of the bubble and definitely have a lot of problems up in the air. Lets find out in …



  1. Your shit is not realistic, you know how many players move around during the season? Too many right so you have to stop keeping players the whole time. But your videos that’s not realistic is dope.

  2. I had Luka Giannis and porzingis went 4 seasons only one title in 3 finals with two 99 overalls and Porzingis at 95 overall…..I just dont understand.

  3. Love the rebuild bro. Awesome job. I don't get what the hype is with Coby White he hasn't been that great or amazing. To me he's only could maybe be a decent backup at best. I don't see him getting much better.

  4. Day 97 of asking Crushables to do the injuries only challenge.
    1. U can only have players who are currently injured. ( Turn off roster injuries) so you can’t have steph because he is no longer injured but you can have sabonis, Issac, Beal etc.
    2. U also have to have injuries on.
    3(optional) U can get anyone who is currently a FA
    4. Every season you do u have to trade your best player for someone who was healthy and then trade that player for someone who was injured.
    5. Do a fantasy draft
    Stop running Crushables imma be here all year 😈

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