1. One thing that sticks out is the lack of continuity. Injuries really hurt the team this past season. Excited to see what a healthy roster can do. Coby+Zach+Lauri+Wendell and whoever they draft 4th this year ought to be good.

  2. Now that the Bulls upgraded our management, it’s time to get Jim Boylen’s bumass our of Chicago. Hopefully we can improve significantly next season which can help us recruit stars in 2021

  3. You can have pressures, that will encourage you/or discourage the path yielding to injuries, poor play, players and coaches not engaging in the best interest of the teams goals overall. Along with trades (Zach is a gem and will be a positive factor). Through the Bulls building the cohesive unit with young talents and getting the other pieces that will either sink or swim for this next decade. They need to go to work with the young KOB/@ Z, Carter can play at his natural position the PF and they have an opportunity to improve the center position- kormet, not ready/ Felicio not a bad person or player but is still a project. Kofi Cockburn is pretty good and can protect the paint and score. The new GM must make moves that help this team now…. Not 4 or 5 years from now. Charlotte and another (WESTERN COAST team is after KOFI especially the way he played against Wisconsin, INDIANA and the other games.

  4. I swear if they get a good coach and draft another great draft prospect (preferably a Small Forward) they can do some things

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