1. Luke Kornet was impressive. He nails the 3, sets picks, spots the open teammate, and guards the paint well. The Knicks should've resigned Luke, but their loss is the Bulls gain.

  2. Why not start Daniel Gafford Over Felicio ? The Bulls should work out some type of deal with Felicio and get rid of him and ReSign Joakim Noah !

  3. Bulls had a good performance they would have won the game if they want to finish strong in the second half. But I liked what I saw from them. Coby White has great great potential. I like when I saw her man and also Daniel Gafford I definitely what I saw him too. Zach LaVine Superstar on his own. But the Bulls as a team they have a good collection of talent mixture of veterans and young guys.

  4. I agree with your analysis 👑 and I think they should start Coby White in the next game to see how he plays with Zach and Lauri to form the triple threat with Kornet at the 5..thats a Win waiting to happen guaranteed💯….until next time…peace and blessings ❤

  5. Diana good breakdown as usual and yes it was too many great moments for the Bulls this game and hopefully the whole season we will get to see better moments all the way into the playoffs.

  6. There is something wery different in Lauris game and not in a good way, he should be much more agressive and drive to the paint just like last february… or is Boylen given him this kind of role in the team… well either way I dont like it😕 because he can be so much more versatile!!! Greetings from Finland🇫🇮 and Go Bulls🐃🙂

  7. I would like to see Lauri start alone side Daniel as a stretch 4 with Zack, Otto and Santo. That was we don't lose anything on rebounds, shot intimidation and defense in the paint.
    2nd unit should be Dunn and White combo.
    Leave Valentine on the bench. Please?

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